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UPDATE 09/16/18: Wagerr's Dirty Little Secret...  It's Good Though!

OPINION 09/11/18: WAGERR The Betting Platform Launch... Plus News and Opinion!!!

UPDATE 08/26/18: Accumulating & Hoarding - Part 2

UPDATE 08/25/18: Accumulating & Hoarding

UPDATE 08/21/18: When The Silence Is Speaking...

UPDATE 08/17/18: We Won 1st Place In The Wagerr 2018-19 NFL Preseason Betting Contest!


WAGERR OPPORTUNITY: Wagerr's Phenomenal Opportunity Of Now!

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WAGERR DEVELOPMENT TEAM UPDATE: Custom Wagerr Branded Wallet & Developments

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WAGERR 2018: Predictions, Forecasts & Price Analysis (Results Updated Through 2/15/18)

UPDATE 01/01/2018: Wagerr's 2017 In Review & Early 2018 Projections

UPDATE 12/2/17: Daily Updates Will Resume Jan 1st, 2018

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INDUSTRY FOCUS 10/30/17: Bookmaker Is The First Offshore Sportsbook To Honor 60+ Cryptocurrencies

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OPINION 10/25/17: We're Talking About Wagerr Man... We're Talking about Wagerr!

UPDATE 10/24/17: Wagerr Still Leading It's Segment In Return On Investment

OPINION 10/24/17: Betting With Wagerr Before MainNet / TestNet

UPDATE 10/22/17: You Know What They Say...

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OPINION 10/21/17: Wagerr (WGR) Price Forecast

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UPDATE 10/18/17: You Can Not Keep Wagerr Down!

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INDUSTRY FOCUS 10/12/17: The Truth About Bitcoin Versus Altcoins

UPDATE 10/9/17: Does This Surprise Anyone?

UPDATE 10/3/17: Wagerr Price Analysis 10/4/17 - Understanding The Phenomenal Opportunity Of Now

UPDATE 10/2/17: Free T-Shirts In Our Wagerr.Review "Un-Official Wagerr Slogan" Contest!

OPINION 10/2/17: The State Of Wagerr

OPINION 09/30/17: Social Media Sharing, Affiliates, & Wagerr's Hidden Demand

OPINION 09/29/17: Confidence In Ourselves First & Wagerr Second Is A Winning Recipe

OPINION 09/28/17: Wagerr Is Already The Quiet Leader Of The "BIG 6" Betting Coins

OPINION 09/27/17: Are You Hoarding?

OPINION 09/26/17: Traders Are Not Traitors...

OPINION 09/24/17: The Engines of Industry & Investment

OPINION 09/23/17: Wagerr Is A First Page Coin... Want To Bet?

UPDATE 09/23/17: When Wagerr Hits First Page At CoinMarketCap.Com, We'll Reveal Our Unofficial Slogan!

UPDATE 9/22/17: Top 5 Betting Coins - Slow & Steady Wins The Race

OPINION 09/21/17: Next Development Update

UPDATE 09/20/17: ROI Report (Mid September 2017), Top 10 Coins + Top 5 Betting Coins

OPINION 09/20/17: Wagerr Price Cycling & Forecast Opinion

PRICE 09/20/17: What's Cooking In The Wagerr Kitchen Today?

OPINION 09/19/17: Wagerr Price, The Elephant In The Room Today

UPDATE 09/19/17: Peerplays Is A Strange Case...

QUICK THOUGHTS 09/15/17: Compelling Data On Wagerr / Charts

COMPARISON 09/15/17: Edgeless & Wagerr

INDUSTRY 09/15/17: As We Wait On This Week's Development Update, Edgeless Shows What Is Possible

DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 09/15/17: Possibilities

OPINION 09/14/17: Thankfully It's Wagerr

UPDATE 09/14/17: Wagerr Is Moving Upwards And Investors Are Taking Action

UPDATE 09/13/17: Down Market Days Reveal The Strong & The Weak

UPDATE 09/12/17: Peerplays Heading Upwards Seemingly On Momentum From HelmBet?!

OPINION 09/10/17: Predictions & Football Week One

UPDATE 09/08/17: The Core Strength In Wagerr Is Visible Even Now While In Development

UPDATE 09/07/17: This Is What Dominance Looks Like

UPDATE 09/05/17: Down Market Got You Down? Not With Wagerr!

UPDATE 09/04/17: Our Updated Wagerr Forecast For September 2017

UPDATE 09/03/17: What Is In Store For Wagerr Over The Next Two Weeks?

DEVELOPMENT NEWS 09/02/17: The Wagerr Team Update... Amazing!

OPINION 09/02/17: The World Has Crypto Perception... And, Knowing That Is Half Of The Battle!

OPINION 09/01/17: The Key To Wagerr's Price Valuation Increases

OPINION 08/31/17: Wagerr Coin Price & Current Insights

OPINION 08/28/17: Is This The Calm After The Storm Or The Calm Before It?

UPDATE 08/27/17: Mayweather Won, ...And So Did A Majority Of Wagerr Bettors!

OPINION 08/25/17: Boxers Are Captivating Us... But Wagerr Is An Emerging Force Readying For Future Battles

UPDATE 08/23/17: Coin Owners Have Risked Over 1 Million Wagerr (WGR) On The McGregor Mayweather Fight

UPDATE 08/13/17: Wagerr Coin Price & Market Cap Trending Up +50% From Only Four Weeks Ago

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