COMPARISON 09/15/17:  Edgeless & Wagerr

Edgeless and Wagerr are two relatively new coins that offer a lot of excitement to investors. Edgeless was a 4 cent coin in March of 2017 and it is pushing upwards of 90 cents per coin now, some 6.5 months later. It's about 4 months older than Wagerr (or at least the earliest pricing data is). In many ways the 2 coins are on parallel roads. They both work within the path that made Bitcoin such a success. They both have a lot of potential and they are not direct competitors. Edgeless specializes in online casino games while Wagerr specializes in sports betting. Both coins are dominant coins that hold their own during down market periods. In some ways though, being just 4 months older makes Edgeless more of the senior coin of the 2. Edgeless had a recent development update that helped propel it upwards, something Wagerr would like to build around as well. It is important to remember even though Wagerr holds it's own with Edgeless in terms of return on investment, Edgeless is further along in the process than Wagerr is. If Wagerr can follow in Edgeless' footsteps a bit, it would not be a bad thing.

This is the return on investment comparison of Wagerr and Edgeless for the entire time that Wagerr has been in existance. As you can see, until the downturn yesterday September 14th, 2017, Wagerr was running higher ROI from wire to wire for 2+ months.

It helps sometimes to judge a coin's performance against a similar coin with similar potential.

Both coins have a lot of potential and the sky really is the limit.

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