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DEVELOPMENT NEWS 09/02/17:  The Wagerr Team Update... Amazing!

The Wagerr Development Team made an announcement just before Midnight last night Eastern Time, US. They admittedly have a lot of development work on their plates as they prepare to meet deadlines that are already in place... so it's awesome when they share.

#1... First and foremost, the Wagerr supply is alot more SCARCE post Mayweather McGregor... Look how many coins were burned out of circulation... Oh, Wow!


#2... The Waves Client Gets Revamped?... Apparently so. The Waves Lite client does what you need it to do. The wallet accomodates Bitcoin purchases or transfers which you can then take into the exchange and use to buy Wagerr. It's not sexy but it works. The Wagerr Team is actively investing and expanding it's presence on the Waves Network. Wagerr is going to have a "Custom" Wagerr version of the Wave Lite app. Sweet... including Wagerr Branding everywhere, as well as your Wagerr Balance displayed prominently, plus increased trading/swap functionality!

#3... Next development update... 9/15/17

Once the churn of daily sports betting begins to crank up on Wagerr, the burn is going to be so crazy!

Stepping back to what was said in our own updates recently... the next 2 weeks are likely to be some of the best prices ever. This is a perfect time to buy if you can still do so responsibly.


In David Mah (Wagerr CEO) We trust... Thanks David for the update.