DREAM YOUR REALITY:  What Is Wagerr Worth?

"If Your Dream Ain't Bigger Than You, There's A Problem With Your Dream."

Deion Sanders


Everyone wants to know what Wagerr is worth. The important question to ask is "to whom?" For example for a sports bettor who is making a deposit at a traditional online sportsbook via Bitcoin, it doesn't matter to that bettor what Bitcoin is worth. Bitcoin could be worth One Million Dollars, and that would be acceptable to the bettor because they are using Bitcoin simply as a means of funding their sportsbook with fiat currency (most often dollars or euros). They are more than happy to send a small fraction of a Bitcoin to the sportsbook or a whole Bitcoin to the sportsbook. What it's worth doesn't matter because in the end they are just sending for example $100 of Bitcoin in either scenario. So if you ask a sports bettor making a deposit at a sportsbook is Bitcoin worth a Million Dollars, they would probably tell you yes. By the way Wagerr will have the same quality. Sports bettors won't care what Wagerr costs and will keep buying regardless of price because it's still relative to the dollars or euros they want to play with.

My argument for all Wagerr investors is that you shouldn't be so quick to define what Wagerr is worth. Like other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, people vastly underestimate value. From the guy buying pizzas with Bitcoins worth over 40 million dollars several years later (in 2017). Or the person that bought SatoshiDice for $12 million in Bitcoin and four years later those Bitcoin were worth two thirds of a BILLION Dollars. Do not try to figure out what it's worth because you're likely to underestimate.

Another important question other than to whom is "when?". How much is Wagerr worth when you participated in the ICO and bought the coins for 10 cents a piece? When the price of Wagerr is $10, you are looking at a x100 return on your investment in that scenario... if you invested $10,000 in the ICO, and it's worth One Million Dollars on that x100 return, you may very well feel Wagerr is worth those $10 each. While you are exiting the line ready to cash out your Million, thousands of people around the globe will see the power of Wagerr through your story, and feel like even at $10, Wagerr has a lot of value still to them. To them, Wagerr's story will be just beginning in much the way it was when an unknown Bitcoin had a x100 return from $1 to $100, and still at that time investors jumped on  the $100 price...pushing the price up to $1000 a coin within just a few months of Bitcoin hitting $100.

So how much is it worth to whom and when? These questions are important because Wagerr's value will continue to grow over time. Additionally, just as with Bitcoin, the sports betting industry / blockchain betting will grow the coin's value and price. But coin investors can take that early success and impact price significantly through their demand for the coin as well. This can lead to exponential price increases beyond just the mechanics of the service industry the coin is in.

And if you need to find comparisons look at coins that you know don't have any of the assets or applications that Wagerr has, and are still valued highly. I'll use Litecoin and Peerplays as an example. Litecoin is a currency. You can buy it and you can spend it. Wagerr is also a currency. You can buy it and spend it. But Wagerr is also an asset. It's an asset tied into a $400 Billion - $1+ Trillion global industry. You have to own Wagerr to use the Wagerr Sports Betting blockchain, and those bettors need to buy Wagerr to bet with. The buying expands the Market Cap. The value coupling shrinks the supply, and over time the industry grows the price automatically. Wagerr has an industry driving it other than investment. In fact the industry Wagerr is  makes it a better investment than a plain coin like Litecoin. More investment means more buying which means higher prices... and we know the world was pleased to raise Litecoin to almost $100 a coin before it's recent market downturn. If it had an application backing it, it's value might not have dropped almost 50% in 2 days on 9/13 and 9/14.

And Peerplays... a coin that is not an asset. A coin still in development, that released a Rock Paper Scissors app as one of the first apps on it's blockchain. Peerplays is not superior as a coin to Wagerr. In fact look at the diagram below that shows Peerplays and other coins MARKET CAP GROWTH % for the entire time Wagerr has been in existance. So here's a coin that in the first 2 months that Wagerr existed lost 75% of it's market cap. Wagerr on the other hand, a coin still in development returned a 32% expansion of it's market cap while it was still being developed. And Peerplays was worth $6 apparently and even higher in the past... though it lost over half of it's value like Litecoin did in two days 9/13 and 9/14 during a market downturn.

Coins that don't have applications and industry and utilization to support them are more susceptible when downmarkets hit. That's why I put the leopard picture on the 9/18 Development Update for "Wagerr on the Prowl". Wagerr fights to hold it's value. Wagerr literally hunts down other competitive coins. During the down market from 9/1/17 to 9/14/17, it had a better ROI than all the Big 10 coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

So is Wagerr worth $6 or $100? 


But the key is when and for whom?

I would just suggest stop trying to figure out what Wagerr will be worth and just put your seatbelts on and get ready for liftoff. Don't be one of those people that underestimated value and made a gross error. In most cases this technology is bigger than our imaginations... so as Deion Sanders would tell you... Dream Big!

Market Cap Growth/Loss % For Wagerr's Existance

"What have these other coins been doing while Wagerr was growing in development?"

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On A Side Note: No one can say with any certainty how successful any coin or investment will become. We do our best to understand the concepts that are involved, the advantages of a coin, and it's potential. But you can't put a dollar figure on success. The point of this article is to say - don't limit your beliefs before you get started. Stay open to the potential that is there whatever that may be. And be careful of negative people who will try to convince you that their self imposed limiting beliefs are something you should agree to. It's similar to a parent that has a child that dreams of being an actor, musician, artist or athlete, and the parent "protects" them by saying that will never happen... do you know the odds of that happening? Many people discourage others from trying in just this way. All I am saying is Wagerr, or otherwise, dream big and stay open to the potential of anything that you are passionate about. And especially Cryptocurrency. It's so new in terms of the technology, no one really knows what is possible and there are plenty of cases where people are underestimating how big it can be!