INDUSTRY FOCUS 10/21/17:  BitConnect Is What Bitcoin Cash Aspires To But Can Never Be

I've been down on some of the Top 10 Coins, and have mentioned it in previous articles. Mostly, I have been down on Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. I just don't see a path of appreciation for these coins. Of the three though Ethereum still seems to have a future and possibly a bright future, but the concept of what they want it to become is so large that it becomes a daunting task to realize it when Bitcoin is just prospering hand over fist, and is just so dominant. Only time will tell I guess.

But when it comes to Bitcoin Cash I just have never been a fan. I mentioned that before when the price was still North of $500 a coin and now it's lingering around $300 a coin. I could see it going lower.

But, one coin I see going higher and much higher over time is BitConnect, and I have zero position in them. I was high on them when they were $80 a coin and I was just too preoccupied to get involved. Now they are North of $200 a coin and I just hate that I never moved on them. I think there is a real chance that BitConnect could reach $400 a coin and slide in above Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to take their place in the Top 5, along with Dash. Not overnight by any means, but Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are pretty stagnant and ripe to be caught.

It's just my opinion, and I could be wrong but it's a gut feeling I have had for some time. Every time I see BitConnect's price I'm reminded what a missed opportunity looks like.