INDUSTRY FOCUS 10/30/17:  Bookmaker Is The First Offshore Sportsbook To Honor 60+ Cryptocurrencies

There's a certain amount of intrigue about the time we live in.

Offshore sportsbooks have been extremely effective in gaining access to the United States sports betting market... After all, we are talking about a $400 Trillion Dollar industry.

But it's one that is rooted in the 90's, when the internet brought new opportunities and new ways to overcome legal restrictions. Bookies / Bookmakers ran offshore to Costa Rica, Belize, and the Caribbean in general to build websites and open sportsbooks. It was a gold rush for them back then, and you can almost see them in those nineties clothes, doing illicit drugs, partying in strip clubs, rolling around in all of their newly found money... sailing around the Caribbean on yachts.

But over the last 20-25 years, the industry has grown up a lot.

This is big business.

And while the blockchain renders them obsolete, they truly are still partying like it's 1999.

Only they know the power of Cryptocurrency Investing. After all they were the earliest adopters of Bitcoin. They were the industry that single handedly grew Bitcoin into the mammoth that it is today.

So it's not surprising at all to see the industry beginning to expand their holdings beyond Bitcoin. There's just too much growth and too much money in Crypto for them to turn a blind eye. They want it and they want it all.

It's likely this is going to continue across all firms in the segment eventually.

Altcoins are not also rans. They are the future, and the sports betting industry understands that. They expect to begin reaping profit margins in new coins... earning 20-30% or more in new coins like Monero, Dash, Augur, and Ripple. They are visualizing thousands of clients surrendering millions of crypto coins to them over the next few years before the next wave of exponential growth that will cement their fortunes for generations to come.

But Blockchain betting has the power to erase all of their pleasant dreams...

While sportsbooks like Bookmaker continue to advance and promote the industry they aren't doing it in ways that benefit the sports bettor.

Only Wagerr thus far envisions giving power to the bettor.

The sportsbooks want your coins, but they expect to continue trading it with you for fiat currency so they can keep your crypto coin appreciation now and in the future.

They also expect for you to continue allowing them to be the gatekeeper and bookkeeper. To call them up when you want to get paid, and to cross your fingers...

I have news for them... that's as outdated as wearing a pager. Sports bettors are not submitting withdrawals online or over the phone anymore. When blockchain sports betting is available, the current industry model will be eliminated.

In the near future, Sports bettors become King. They reap the exponential returns of the coins they bet with. They receive their winnings immediately after each game. They access their currency at will through their cryptocurrency wallet, and there's no one involved holding a key (except for the bettors themselves).

So while sportsbooks like Bookmaker continue to wet their appetite with your cryptocoins, they don't see the other shoe that is dropping. It's called blockchain sports betting.

When it launches, the "inmates will take over their prison" to use Bob McNair's recent faux pas, as a joke.

And they won't even see it coming...

Power to the bettor!