INDUSTRY FOCUS 11/11/17:   Can A Hype Coin (Bitcoin Cash) Replace Bitcoin?

It's been quiet here at Wagerr.Review, and that is of course because it has been so eerily silent over at the Wagerr headquarters. As we wait for a development update from the Wagerr team, life goes on.

We're all gamblers... every one of us. We eat, we sleep, we breathe, and we take risks... that's the human experience. Even the decision to avoid risk is a risk. After all each risk carries it's own reward... a reward that will go unrealized if you don't take the risk. So even those who are risk "averse" are taking risks when they avoid risk... Can they really afford to turn their back on what they could become with the right outcome in the right opportunity?

Risk is relative too. For example, it's always a high risk behavior to leave your home without your clothes on. But if your house is on fire, that risk lowers the relative risk of running outside naked to essentially zero.

So there are all of these risks around us, and each with it's corresponding reward, and we choose. We each have our flavor of risk that we prefer. But we all take risks and we all gamble. Even when we avoid risk.

So that thought brings us to this moment. A moment where Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin have been thrust into the ring together. What risk are you going to take? Thinking about buying Bitcoin Cash, and selling Bitcoin, or are you ready to dump your peaking Bitcoin Cash for more Bitcoin at it's present discount? Or would you rather take the risk of avoiding the risk altogether? Even standing pat means you will miss out on a potential gain or a potential loss. So you're still gambling. 

It's known where I stand. Everything that is right with Bitcoin is what is wrong with Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin has industry behind it. Bitcoin has a multitude of applications, and years of progressive adoption and branding. Bitcoin has utilization. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand is a hype coin. It's a throw in. It's a free pen or a key chain you find in your bag with your order of Bitcoin. The only reason Bitcoin Cash had any value after the fork was that it's first name is Bitcoin. It's a hype coin. It's being pumped and manipulated. How far will they go with this is yet to be seen. I just feel if it gets any more inflated now, the slightest breeze is going to blow it all away.

Still it was profitable for those who had a stake in it up until this point.

The risks and rewards are all around us. What actions will we take?

Here's an interesting video from someone presenting their take on Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash.

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