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In Boxing there are "Contenders" and "Pretenders", and nothing in between. In Cryptocurrencies, it is very much the same. If you allow yourself to examine the field of crypto coins that are available to invest in, it becomes clear in a hurry that many of them are lightweights. Many of these crypto coins are just barely rolling out of "momma's garage". They still need a push to get up the street. A lot of these cryptocurrencies talk the talk, with a towel around their neck and an entourage that gives you 50 reasons why they are the next champ... Others are toiling in development unworthy of the light of day. Some have vision... Some have a plan. Some have talent, but just dont have the wins under their belt yet. Some are ranked favorably and followed fanatically, but they have glass chins... they are one downturn away from being knocked out of contention. Some of these coins are lifers... they're never going to be the champ... but being ranked something is better than being unranked and so they keep going back to the drawing board, telling themselves they have what it takes to be #1.

And then there are the real phenoms that have yet to be discovered by the masses... Coins that have the industry, the solutions, and the technologies all in their corner. They even have the management and the supporting cast around them to ensure they reach their highest potential. And, sometimes, they even have mentors showing them the ropes... teaching them how to be stronger, faster, and smarter, simply through following their same path to glory.

Wagerr is one such coin. It has a lot to prove. It's still very young... but, it has that "it" factor, that flash of brilliance that makes you wonder what it can be and how far it can go. It's far beyond your average coin. It's poised to take on all the coins ranked above it, and to come out on top. There are going to be some interesting battles.

As of today, Wagerr reached it's post ICO all time high again. Since July 14th when we did the initial video review on our site, it has increased in price from 5 to 6 cents a coin to 13 cents a coin... up +124%, in 6 weeks, and the Wagerr Sports Betting Application is still in development. It's creeping towards the 1st page of CoinMarketCap's cryptocurrency coin list, and it hasn't even demonstrated it's potential yet. I speculate to say that a dollar a coin is where you begin the Wagerr story. And, at a dollar a coin, Wagerr will be ranked in the top 50 of over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies. When it rises to $10 a coin, it will join the top 20... and that's where it gets interesting. Because at $10 a coin amidst the top 20, there are several pretenders up there, that don't have the team, the industry, the vision, or even the solutions that Wagerr offers. A lot of those top 20 coins won't be able to compare to the value that Wagerr offers and will cave in it's mere presence.

People know a champion when they see it. Reach the top 20, and the world will rally around Wagerr giving it every opportunity to ascend above the ranks of the $100+ coins. I'm going to love to watch those top ten battles... to prove which coin is the best!

Mayweather and McGregor fight tomorrow August 26th in Las Vegas. Visit news.wagerr.com for more information on the steps you need to take to purchase Wagerr coins that you can put in play on this fight. Pick your champion.

Pick Wagerr!

OPINION 8/25/17: Boxers Are Captivating Us... But Wagerr Is An Emerging Force Readying For Future Battles