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Now that cryptocurrency investors and sports bettors alike had a taste of Wagerr with the Mayweather McGregor fight, things have settled down to a predictable calm. As you would expect there has been some slight selling for those individuals that were here to bet the fight, and move on. There are also those coin traders who are constantly moving their value, never content to let it rest in one place for fear of missing out on profit somewhere else. With Wagerr continuing in it's development process for release this fall, the last few days represented a moment for some traders to sell high on Wagerr with plans to come back later when the release is imminent.

However, in my opinion, I think that could be a mistake. Wagerr has a very strong "bullish" sentiment right now, and there are a number of reasons why. Wagerr has shown a great deal of resilliency within the last few days particularly. Each day it's price has pushed higher, often times bouncing back from drops in price related to traders influence. The reality is there is a strong core of crypto investor that see and share the vision of Wagerr and are looking to capitalize. For each downward step there seems to be at least a corresponding upward move as buyers look to capitalize on the subtle adjustments in price that take place. That is why the price has been so steady with Wagerr. It's interesting that when it comes to the Wagerr Coin, most hoarded it during the Mayweather McGregor fight. While over a million Wagerr were put at risk, that was only a drop in the ocean of coins that are out there. The vast majority of Wagerr owners were content to sit on the sideline during the fight and protect what is expected to be an exponentially successful coin.

If one were to poll a number of Wagerr owners though I'm quite confident that almost all would tell you they are not content with their position. They want to own more and more Wagerr coins... as many as they can responsibly purchase. It's this type of thought process that is producing counter buys to the shallow sells that are taking place. The development period when a crypto coin network is being built can be volatile, and moreso if it's driven by hype. Wagerr is driven by a lot of substantial facts that you can sink your teeth into. It's these facts that are stabilizing the Wagerr price and allowing it to continue it's upward "bullish" trends in only the first 2 months since it's ICO.

One might ask what are some of these facts? Wagerr is a coin you must own in order to use the Wagerr decentralized sports betting application. This Wagerr application makes betting entirely more anonymous than it is today with offshore sportsbooks. Before you can receive payouts with those sportsbooks you have to send copies of drivers licenses or photo ID's and credit cards as well (if you deposited with them at any point). Many offshore books want "Know Your Customer" copies like bank statements or utility bills with your residence address proof on it. With Wagerr, you create a secure crypto wallet. You aren't dealing with a sportsbook... you're betting on the blockchain so there's no sportsbook to send ID's to. Payouts happen immediately with Wagerr's smart application after every game. There's no cooling off period waiting for withdrawals to process. There are no limits on your withdrawals, rollovers or withdrawal method restrictions like there are with offshore sportsbooks. Wagerr sportsbettors benefit from owning the same coin that investors are buying, and obtain the opportunity to make money betting but also to make money as the price of Wagerr increases. Because the blockchain will employ dynamic odds, there are also going to be opportunities to bet odds that are unavailable anywhere else... odd's that were created to stabilize the balance of betting on both sides. That means Wagerr bettors have access to better odds and lower fees as well. Wagerr is just inherently better than any sportsbetting option available today. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Consider this. The estimated market for sports betting in the United States alone via illegal bookies or offshore sportsbooks is calculated at over 400 Billion dollars annually. Wagerr is open to the global economy. China's illegal betting market is significantly more extensive than America's. The global market for sports betting worldwide is in the Trillions... Wagerr taps into the entire market. Cryptocurrency investing is exploding exponentially worldwide. Wagerr taps into that global investing market as well. After the wallet application is released this fall, genuine Wagerr coins will be traded in major exchanges bringing in savvy, opportunistic investors who understand the mechanics of markets and industry. Much is stated about the Japanese love for Bitcoin, and the Korean love for Litecoin... What do you think the love for Wagerr is going to be when it brings to bear an asset that fills a need and a want in a multi trillion dollar global industry? They are going to be snatching it up at any price. Bitcoins still sell like hotcakes on speculation at $4500 a coin. Litecoin, a copy of Bitcoin with a few differences, has no service, no application - no industry other than payments and speculation, and the overseas markets are buying the price up presently to over $60 a coin.

So traders and investors that are looking to short term moves away from Wagerr with plans to return should be careful. Sentiment is already bullish. People are already in position waiting for sellers so they can buy. We are in that pause period between the end of development and the beginning of product release. It's still a great time to buy Wagerr in my opinion. It's becoming evident that the traction is increasing, and price for Wagerr is likely to never be as low as it is today and within the next 2-4 weeks.

Obviously this is all speculation. Speculation is simply the knowing you have before the evidence presents itself but if you dig, there is a lot of evidence for you to find.

When the Wagerr ICO launched at the end of June 2017, some expressed concern that Wagerr had not released their source code for the smart application programming. But cryptocurrency by nature is transparent, and to release your code early before you have entered the market opens opportunities for other capitalists to copy your code and enter in the industry at the same time in a parallel manner. It was with strong judgement that the Wagerr team made their decision to protect this information. First entry into a global trillion dollar market is very important.

Others asked "Why isn't Wagerr being released on the Ethereum network?" "Why is it going to be on a more private network?" And, initially those seemed to be very valid questions. At that time Ethereum was extremely hyped and every day someone touted that it would overtake Bitcoin and that it was the next big thing. Ethereum is like your plan for the world in 2017, in the mind of someone back in the 1800's. Great it's a grand vision, but if you want to reach the potential of that vision, you have to start laying a very wide scaling infrastructure. It's going to take years. The hype surrounding Ethereum caught up to it, and it eventually saw it's price reduced greatly losing over half of it's value in short order. People are still enamored with it though, and are beginning to forget what happened 60 days ago. The price is rising for the moment but it is going to need a lot of help to become what people envision for it. Seems like a slow road in my opinion. Yet the Wagerr team dodged Ethereum's slow congested network issues by avoiding the network altogether. Ethereum's downward slide began shortly after those congestion issues surfaced. There is also security. When it comes to internet browsers as an analogy, people know that a lot of specialized browsers are more secure than those that are in mainstream use. Hackers tend to exploit the browsers that offer them the largest market. So browsers in smaller circulation tend to be more secure. While I have no direct knowledge of the Wagerr network at this time, it does seem logical that utilizing a private network could offer advantages in that same way.

Time and time again the Wagerr team has shown strong judgement. When issues arise they have been accessible to coin holders through their support email and their slack channel.

The other thing that is impressive to note is that the Wagerr blockchain is being approached with the coin value in mind. Unlike a sportsbook that is looking to separate bettors from their cash, Wagerr is looking to truly balance action on both sides with Peer to Peer betting, and multiuser betting (which is peer to peer, where multiple people team up on sides to take larger action). They aren't looking to exploit one sided action and take bettors money. They are looking to balance action. That includes their plans for dynamic odds where they incentivize odds to balance both sides of a game. They aren't even looking to profit from fees or "juice" like sportsbooks do. They are charging much smaller fees than sportsbooks, and instead of keeping the fees they are burning half of them to shrink the coin circulation, causing scarcity and price increase. The other half of the fees go to their network nodes that host the blockchain. So when you consider Wagerr's team, their profit comes from the coin they own, and it's eventual value as they work to reach it's financial potential. The sky is the limit with Wagerr. Just like in 2013 with Bitcoin when it's value increased from $10 a coin to $1,000 a coin, if you do the work, and the industry you are in grows... if you show continual financial success, and price increases over time, the investors will come in all sizes. The cryptocurrency investment industry is so explosive because people of all nationalities in all countries from Africa to China, to the United States, can log on via internet connection in their home with just the simplest internet connection and their earnings. And they can invest it on equal footing with the chance to better themselves and their families. It is speculation at this point, but it's not a stretch to believe that Wagerr can become a top 3 coin in terms of market cap. "The more successful it is... the more successful it will become." In my opinion... you can take that rule to the bank. So is this the calm after the Mayweather McGregor storm or the calm before it's next run up in price? If Wagerr's rising coin value and coin price are the storm, then it's not difficult to hear those winds churning now...

OPINION 8/28/17: Is This The Calm After The Storm Or The Calm Before It?

*Overall Bullish Wagerr Sentiment, and Return On Investment Charts Courtesy of CryptoCurrencyChart.com

Google: "CryptoCurrencyChart.com Wagerr Sentiment". *Interesting facts for you to discover... Of the top 5 cryptocurrencies only Bitcoin Cash has a higher return on investment than Wagerr. Wagerr outperforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple since July 4th, 2017. Additionally when measured against coins considered to be it's closer peers by coinmarketcap overall ranking, Wagerr outperforms all of their suggested rival coins by ranking during that same period... Wagerr return on investment is higher than Clams, Databits, Matchpool, MonetaryUnit, OBITS, Radium, and Synereo. The facts are out there. Do your research. The grass is greener with Wagerr!