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Looking back over the last 6 weeks, we have had very specific and accurate insights about the Bitcoin and Wagerr crypto currencies. On July 14th, 2017 we completed the Wagerr Cryptocurrency Review video on our home page. At that time, Bitcoin had retreated down 30% from it's previous all time high of $3,000 per coin. While priced at just under $2200 per coin our moderator acknowledged an expectation that Bitcoin would not only recover from that downturn, but rise to a price beyond it's previous high. Within 2 days of that statement, Bitcoin began rallying and eventually broke through to a $4,000+ price per coin.

In our Wagerr coin update for August 28th, we again acknowledged a couple expectations before they happened. The first was that Bitcoin was trading at $4,500+ per coin. At the time the update was written Bitcoin had not crossed that milestone. It did so within 2 days of our update.

More importantly we acknowledged that crypto coin development periods are a volatile time for price and that despite the price of Wagerr hitting all time highs over consecutive days, that trading and selling was expected for those who are not long term holders... either because they were motivated to participate in the Mayweather McGregor fight only and would liquidate winnings, or they were motivated traders looking to sell high during this development "pause" and wait to return when the product release was more imminent.

Sure enough within 2 days of that update, there were more substantial coin sales and the Wagerr price is off about 17% from it's previous high. We forecasted in that update that the next 2 to 4 weeks would be the best time to purchase the Wagerr Coin, and that truth has come to bear. The market cap has retreated for the moment but these things happen in crypto currency markets. Although we hate to see a strong coin lose price, the flip side of the coin is the fact that you can purchase Wagerr coins at a substantial discount over only 24 hours ago. It is not certain how long the price will remain as low as it is presently, but this is an excellent opportunity to expand your position in Wagerr. The coin's outlook has not changed. It is still a very strong coin with an extremely bright future in our opinion. As the Wagerr coin, crypto wallet and sports betting service ramp up at the end of Quarter 3 2017 (in about 30-45 days), it's expected that it's price and value will rally much in the same way that Bitcoin's has after it's dip to see higher all time price valuations.

Every storm brings opportunity. Definitely consider seriously the opportunity that you have to take advantage of this. A single investor purchasing a relatively large number of coins can move the price on their own. If you have any interest in expanding your position, make sure you've taken advantage of this moment before they move the price. All investments include risk. Please do your research before purchasing any coin. We offer speculation and insights related to cryptocurrencies but we are not financial planners. If you need the guidance of a paid professional please seek one out. We will continue to share our opinions and insights for your review. Visit Wagerr.Review often, for feedback on the Wagerr Coin Investment Opportunity and the Wagerr Blockchain Sports Betting Application.

OPINION 8/31/17: Wager Coin Price & Insights