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OPINION 09/02/17:  The World Has Crypto Perception... And, Knowing That Is Half Of The Battle!

I think it helps if we can admit that we have it.

Yes, we have it...

We have "Crypto Perception."

Crypto Perception is the realization that we don't comprehend the size and reach of the blockchain, or it's ability to impact our lives. We speak, rationalize and think using pre-blockchain concepts that don't fit our new reality. We can't measure the actual scale of the blockchain because the blockchain only has the limitations we impose on it.

We can't fathom that.

These concepts are simply larger than our collective imaginations at this very early moment.

We try to educate ourselves, and yet our best estimates are simple rudimentary guesses that fall far short time and time again.

For years now we felt  the Internet  brought us together and connected us... and yet, the blockchain, decentralization, and cryptocurrency seem to scale infinitely larger than the World Wide Web...

How can that be?!

Is the blockchain larger than the internet in terms of it's ability to impact our lives?

What does that mean for us?

It's going to take time for us to adjust our minds to this new reality... and to allow new pathways to open up in our minds... 

It's like we've been living in a cave for years, only to be released from the darkness of our own restrictions and limitations...

We stand now in the light of decentralization, with our toes curled in the sand... looking out into an ocean that surrounds us that we never knew was there. Everything is so bright. The world is so new. The possibilities are endless.

We've been on this island for so long, and now we are being asked...

"What is out there on the horizon... and how do we get there?"

And we haven't got a clue.

This blockchain technology is awakening new explorers, thankfully... people with vision... and they are leading the way and showing us what is possible.

This is a magnificent time to be alive as we begin to relate to eachother in entirely new ways that we never thought were possible.

And we're already experiencing amazing new things.

It's breathtaking!

But just allow yourself a moment to consider the possibility that the potential of everything you are seeing in front of you is actually infinitely larger than you realize.

You just don't have the ability to perceive the potential yet, but you will get a grip on it over time. As blockchain integrates with life right before your eyes, everything will begin to gain proportion.

Here's a little proof of how large it all is for us, from just a small obscure tale from 2013.

In 2013, Bitcoin's price jumped from $10 per coin to over $1,000 per coin in 12 months.

In fact, in July of 2013, Bitcoin was only worth $90 per coin... and those numbers should have woken us from our sleep...

How can a digital currency that we can't touch taste or smell be worth $10 or $90?

We had crypto perception, and we couldn't perceive Bitcoin's value.

So we just continued blindly on with our daily lives.

The offshore sports betting and online gambling industries were quietly building Bitcoin, feeding Bitcoin... and it was growing ever so strongly and quietly.

Erik Voorhies caught this Bitcoin Lightning in his bare hands when he sold his Bitcoin gambling website Satoshidice.com for 126,315 Bitcoins in July 2013.

The news media coverage a year later still remarked how fabulous that was.

At the time of his sale Bitcoins were valued at $90, so the sale netted him instant value in 2013 of 12.4 million.

But 8 months later those same Bitcoin were worth $70 million... (ohh what a handsome profit).

Today, only four years later those same Bitcoin are now worth 630 million dollars USD.

The proceeds from the sale of that gambling website back in July 2013 have grown from 12 million to 630 million in only four years. The anonymous buyer who paid for his site in those Bitcoin must be sick.

But, there's hope he may have made some of it back...

In 2013 it was said that 50 to 60 percent of all Bitcoin transactions were for sportsbetting and casino gambling... so I'm sure he had customers. Other than the purchase and trading of Bitcoin for investment, I would wager to say that the percentage of purchase transactions for gambling is entirely larger than 60% now in 2017.

It all ties back to the implementation of Bitcoin across all gambling operators because Bitcoin's application as a method of funding their operations eliminated chargeback/fraud risk for them. The entire industry implemented Bitcoin for that reason, and gambling grew Bitcoin. But only the operators were benefitting from the blockchain back then. Their customers bought Bitcoin, but the blockchain brought the operators wealth.

With Wagerr, sports bettors bet on the blockchain and eliminate sportsbooks. The bettors become the house and the industry is replaced by the Wagerr betting blockchain. All of the dynamics that fed Bitcoin and grew it from scratch into the behemoth that it is today, exist within Wagerr's path.

You can't get in a time machine and go back to invest in Bitcoin when it was worth $90. But you can do the next best thing and that is grab a hold of the Wagerr Coin as it is first to market for global blockchain sports betting.

Follow the same path, and remember not to put limitations on what's possible because the blockchain revolutionizes everything. This is a whole new way of considering what is possible!