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OPINION 09/10/17: Predictions & Football Week One

After a very strong showing for Wagerr on 9/8/17 in an overall down market day, 9/9 was the first sustained down day for Wagerr in quite some time. As mentioned before though, there are sales pressures for Wagerr related to many factors right now that were known and expected. We have been predicting for a couple weeks now that this was going to be a period where the prices would be the best they will ever be pre-launch. Still we have gotten spoiled on such strong demand for Wagerr that the price generally rebounds immediately in these situations. That was the case earlier on 9/9/17 when a series of high volume sales happened almost at once (and likely from the same owner), pushing the price for Wagerr down to 6.9 cents per coin. Within 5-10 minutes though a massive buy came back that returned the Wagerr price back to 8 cents per coin / where it had started. As of 2am ET, this morning 9/10, the Wagerr coin price is currently down -9%, at 7.1 cents per coin. Relative to the other coins we mentioned though, this is still relatively mild. Edgeless ran -14% off for 2 days, Peerplays ran -25% off for about 36 hours, and Stox ran -28% off for about 2 days. Those 3 coins stabilized briefly but did not regain the position they lost. All 3 are showing lower this morning. I will certainly keep an eye on Wagerr's price. I doubt it will linger too much longer. I'm afraid I will miss an opportunity to buy because I'm pretty much as invested as I can be responsibly. Still if the price goes any lower I'm going to explore options to buy. With coins retreating harder today, it's important to gain perspective. This is the gain or loss growth percentage for the period 9/1 to 9/9. All 6 coins are down over the period, but Wagerr is fairing the best.

It's important to keep in perspective. Things will settle down and that core strength that Wagerr has should continue to help it weather this period in my opinion. This still continues to be a strong time to buy Wagerr!

Now for a short News / Sports editorial... Week One Football Predictions...

It will not be too long before Wagerr bettors are watching the game with some action on it. Until then, I thought just for fun I'd release My Week One picks. Remember entertainment purposes only... I am committed to a lot of things so I put just a little  time into this... and probably won't keep it up over the course of the season (we'll see).

BUFFALO BILLS at home over the lowly Jets. Bills get their run game going and some solid QB play, and it should be a fairly easy win by 7 points  or more.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS on the road in Cleveland. Browns play sneaky D, but barring the unforseen, they can't bring anything that Big Ben hasn't seen before. Steelers have too much talent and are healthy. Another game to win by 7 or more fairly easy.

CINCINNATI BENGALS at home against the Ravens. If the Ravens aren't careful they will end up in rebuild mode. Cincinnati is healthy. Bengals win money line, though it may not be that close.

HOUSTON TEXANS at home against the Jaguars. These teams play eachother tight at times and then at other times the Texans run all over the Jaguars. I get that feeling Clowney and Watt are going to be wrecking havoc. Texans win money line, but again it may not be that close.

Well just a little sports news for you with Week One kicking off today. Enjoy the games!

UPDATE: Thank Heavens for the Bills Jets game!  The best part about just how bad my picks were today, is that as usual, the REAL lock of the day was Wagerr... bouncing back in a big way. That was the strongest play of the day. I threw the picks together for fun. The best play of the day was always Wagerr.