OPINION 09/14/17:  Thankfully It's Wagerr

In the entire cryptocurrency industry I can not think of any coin I'd rather have my money invested in than Wagerr. We've seen the reasons why over the last 2 months and even the last 2 weeks. The last 2 weeks have had entirely more down markets than I have taste for. We've learned a lot about Wagerr though in these down markets and today is no different.

We learned that Wagerr is resillient.

We remember that image from CoinMarketCap.com. Everytime the coin had a valley during that 7 day period it immediately responded with a peak. The continual demand and the inherent value of Wagerr keep it bouncing back.

We also learned that Wagerr is strong in down markets. Time and time again when the board was red across all cryptocurrencies, Wagerr was unaffected, or up substantially. Like today, it took multiple days in the red before Wagerr conceded any ground, and when it did, it held it with the best. Lets not forget the entire board was red yesterday, and as of 5am ET, US this morning Wagerr was still up 17% over the last 24 hours. It was in the green the entire day yesterday unfazed by the market factors around it.

Right now at this moment, as I write this at 2:30pm ET US, Wagerr is down 8.29%

Lets put this in perspective.

88.5% of the top 200 coins on CoinMarketCap.com are down more than Wagerr at this moment. Sometimes a message forms several days before you need it, and one of the recurring themes the last few days has been how strong Wagerr is in down markets. Time and time again we have talked about that very point.

So Wagerr is almost in the top 10% of the top 200 in terms of it's performance today.

We mentioned this in previous articles. The strength comes from the value. Wagerr is not inflated. It is extremely underpriced for the reality of it's model.

Now coins like Litecoin, and Ethereum, and many others from the top 20. Those coins you honestly would need to debate whether they are worth their prices. But not Wagerr. Wagerr's future is strong, and it's in the exact position where it needs to be. A lot of those other coins are sway to these market forces during down days because they are overvalued and overpriced.

We also can take solace in the fact that Wagerr is a competitor.

At this moment the other betting related coins are performing today as follows:

Peerplays: -30.62%

Augur: -22.51%

Bitcoin: -14.63%

Stox: -12.16%

Edgeless: -5.69%

We had just spoken highly of Augur in terms of it's market cap and ability to hold firm most days, and it's down 20%+ today!

Only Edgeless is down less than Wagerr in this moment. The disappointing part is that Wagerr had made real progress yesterday in taking the next step forward in it's pricing. It was poised to jump into the next tier of coins based on price. However there are two silver linings.

First, Wagerr overtook Peerplays during it's recent growth run. Peerplays also lost ground during the down market day yesterday. So Wagerr advanced to rank 147 from it's previous ranking as high as 180 several days ago. Wagerr is holding that position today. With many coins down today even though Wagerr has lost some of it's price, it hasn't lost any ranking position.

The second silver lining is that Wagerr continues to be an excellent buy. On one hand we want to celebrate Wagerr's graduation into the next price tier, and we will be happy when that happens (and it should be soon). But even though that is the case, for investors that believe in Wagerr's future, how could we complain about the opportunity to get in on a discounted price?

So  today is bittersweet but there are many truths still in play. Wagerr is strong, and is one of the best places you can put your money in a down market or otherwise.

I wouldn't put it past Wagerr to rally out of this into the green today. Everytime there is a valley in price, the value for Wagerr becomes almost irresistable, and purchases result.

Don't forget we're looking forward to the development update tomorrow, and the momentum it brings. Hopefully Wagerr will be able to parlay that momentum into even higher rankings as it looks to overtake other established coins in the betting industry.

Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more insights!

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