OPINION 09/19/17:  Wagerr Price, The Elephant In The Room Today

Carl Menger was an Austrian economist and founder of the Austrian School of economics. This is relevant lately because of the booming cryptocurrency industry, which is full of investment choices. These cryptocurrency coins present different levels of risk and reward, as well as different levels of inherent value. Menger was known for the statement...

"Value does not exist outside of the consciousness of men."

This came to mind to me today because Wagerr's price is reacting differently today than it has in downturns in the past. One of the strengths of Wagerr has been it's relentless retention of value during down markets. It would literally fight to retain it's value while other coins would concede relatively large 24 hour losses.

The truth is coin price is more of a reflection of the collective coin owners than it is of the coin itself. All along as Wagerr rallied in these situations in the past, while maintaining it's price... it was actually the coin holders themselves rallying to defend the price of the coin through their purchases. The lower the price was, the more desire the Wagerr coinowner felt to purchase... because of Wagerr's high perceived value in their minds. That hasn't changed.

So what has changed today?

Not a lot. Wagerr is doing well all things considered. It's slightly in the red as of 9:15pm ET, US. However there have been times today where it was significantly in the red. That's the difference. On many occassions in down markets, Wagerr has actually been in the green.

Thinking back, the Wagerr ICO was a great success. The entire project was well designed, thoughtfully prepared, and for those reasons, Wagerr is poised to be a financial giant. So kudos to the Wagerr management and development teams for executing the ICO so perfectly, and for having the great vision needed to create such a perfect investment vehicle.

SInce then though (post ICO), kudos need to go to the coin holders who have been relentless defenders of that Wagerr vision. The coinholder's relentlessness has created the dominance you see in the coin's financial performance for the first 2.5 months it has been in existance.

The "Big 5 Betting Coins" - Return On Investment Over The Course Of Wagerr's Existance

Until just recently, Wagerr has essentially produced a better return on investment, driven largely by the perceived value that Wagerr coin owners had in their own minds, as a result of the phenomenal vision that the Wagerr team had in theirs. Only Edgeless was able to overtake Wagerr in terms of return on investment. It was the direct result of growth immediately following their development announcement that confirmed their launch this month. That's what it took for them to overtake Wagerr. Wagerr has been dominating. It's been a team effort between the vision of the management / developers, and the relentless purchasing of the Wagerr Coin owners / investors.

Edgeless has retracted the last couple days which is not showing in that graph yet. It had a high near $1.50 but has returned to 73 cents per coin presently, and a market cap just under 60 Million Dollars. When their launch goes through they will be fine. They are facing what all 5 coins are facing to some extent which is the need to go live with the real product(s). In other words all 5 coins need to deliver the non beta, "official versions" of their products, or applications. In the meantime the coins are being sold on potential and hype.

That is what is killing Peerplays. It's one of the things I am impressed with about Wagerr though. The Wagerr team did not cave to the pressure of those that asked for Wagerr to be listed on exchanges. A lot of coin owners wanted to see Wagerr listed so that the price could be driven up through investment. The Wagerr team kept Wagerr isolated to the Waves exchange, creating a nice middle ground, but protecting the coin from premature inflation. They are in this for the long term. It's better to have the technology in place first and then allow the coin value to drive to the Moon. Otherwise you see the bubble burst time and time again. Once a perception is built of a coin being a bubble it is awfully hard to overcome that perception. After all, as Menger said that value exists inside the minds of men, and so negative thoughts about a coin that crashes is going to influence perception of value on that coin for a long time. So a little cautiousness in the exchange roll out for Wagerr was a smart thing.

The elephant in the room though, and what Wagerr's management team needs to be careful of is "losing their coin owners / investors faith" through poor or lacking communication.

Investors need to understand on one side that Wagerr's team is building the coin and the platform the right way. Their sincerity and commitment is on display in everything they do. Unlike Edgeless where games are being programmed, the Wagerr platform is much more dynamic and is a larger scale production. Coin owners need to bend but not break when Wagerr approaches timelines. Be flexible. Give them room to come close on a deadline. As long as the project continues to advance (which it always does), it doesn't matter if it misses a deadline by a couple days in the big picture. And try not to become so frustrated in the slack channel.

Wagerr's management team needs to recommit to communication though. Coin owners shouldn't feel disconnected or a lack of responsiveness considering both the coin owner investors & the manager / developers have stakes in the success of the project. Everyone has a lot riding on this, and communication breeds CONFIDENCE. When the market turns south Wagerr owners have always been confident in the past and ready to buy. Let's keep it that way by committing to improved communication.

Communication or the lack thereof is the recent elephant in the room. Let's get rid of that elephant so we can focus on the real "Giant" in the room, which is Wagerr.

By the way, at the time of publishing, these are the 24 hour performances of the "betting" related big 5:

Augur (-2.33%)

Wagerr (-6.16%)

Stox (-6.65%)

Peerplays (-13.47%)

Edgeless (-18.38%)

Wagerr is poised to be such a great success and a financial windfall for all involved. Let's remember how fortunate we are. I think both sides communicate well most of the time, but there is room for improvement for everyone. If we do that.. we have a lot to be confident about.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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