OPINION 09/20/17:  Wagerr Price Cycling & Forecast Opinion

After the release of the development update from the Wagerr Team on 9/18, which included the new Wagerr Branded Waves Wallet... I was pretty pumped. I think I suggested there was "urgency" to buy before escalating prices, and after today's performance it's quite clear we're not quite at that point.

At Wagerr.Review, we had forecasted 3-4 weeks of discounted pricing after the Mayweather fight, and that ends in 4 days on September 23rd, 2017. So that might be a day to begin measuring price against.

We made the statement about discounting because of sell pressure related to withdrawal of winnings after the fight, a lack of continued betting options, as well as pressure from ICO participants that were still selling their discounted coin, and even coin traders that were looking to move value into Bitcoin and other alt coins they felt would have a run up during Wagerr's "Development pause".

While I do think many of the ICO profit sellers have moved on, it's obvious that sell pressure still exists. It's been there the entire time Wagerr has been in existance and yet Wagerr continues to have better ROI's then half of the top 10 coins and all of the betting related coins.

The prices below 8 cents on Wagerr continue to be a steal for buyers.

We were beginning to trend lows of 8's versus lows in the 7's recently, before today's downturn in the market.

The fact that Wagerr did not rally into the green during a down market today, and stayed in the red as low as -16% before a late push to -6%, I think speaks to Wagerr owners taking a pause to breathe.

The first 2.5 months of Wagerr's existance have been dominant.

The last few days have been challenging to say the least.

Things seem to be back on track and moving forward positively, so there's no reason Wagerr shouldn't pickup and start dominating as it has been all along.

I just think that there is a chance that we continue cycling in this price range until we have our Wagerr platform launch. I could be wrong but I'm leaning pretty strongly that the odds are more than 50% that we keep cycling. Future "Event" betting options during development, like the Mayweather fight, are going to grow the market cap and pricing, but without other sustained options following each event, those purchasers will begin to sell winnings afterwards, so the gains will retreat each time. You will see net gains though each time Wagerr holds betting on an event. The participation does build equity.

It just looks like we should more than likely enjoy the silver lining which means... a strong likelihood that we all will have more opportunity to position ourselves for the long haul, before the price jumps into the next tier. So fill your  your Wagerr wallets to the brim while you still can.

Stay tuned!

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