Opinion 09/21/17: Hurry Up & Wait...

For the last two months we've had almost daily updates here at Wagerr.Review, because there was plenty of movement in price, or news happening on the development front to report.

For the moment though, both have seemed to quiet down. We're waiting until the end of September / start of October for news from the Wagerr development team again. We are expecting to hear from them about the "test net" schedule at that time. It's likely that may also be a time that we will hear more about the next round of betting opportunities.

In the meantime, if the price continues to settle in quietly where it is, then there won't be a need for daily analysis. We'll keep you posted with price updates as developments occur.

For the moment it seems that most Wagerr investors (the real long term investors) feel comfortable with their positions and are ready to wait for the development phase to complete, or at least to obtain more development insight. 

Everyone else seems content to wait for the price to go up before they sell, or the price to come down before they buy. Those are mainly trader type investors and they are at an impasse amongst themselves it seems...

Average everyday investors and long term holders were quietly buying up Wagerr at a frenetic pace for the first 2.5 months of it's existance at prices 150-200% higher than the current 6.5 cent price. It just seems they are full now, and content with their positions for the moment.

Had more development news been available at the last release there may have been more urgency from the core investors but for now they seem comfortable where they are.

If you are relatively new to the Wagerr Coin, the current prices below 7 cents present amazing value and an amazing opportunity. Prices all the way up to 10 cents are a great value long term.

As always we'll keep you posted if need arises, and we will be adding daily updates about related coins in the segment so you can stay aware of how other betting coins like Augur, Stox, Peerplays, & Edgeless are performing.

Stay tuned!

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