OPINION 09/23/17:  Wagerr Is A First Page Coin... Want To Bet?

Even when things quiet down on the Wagerr front there still are so many dynamics that seem to persist. It looks quite possible that we'll have things to discuss about Wagerr daily for the forseeable future after all.

There are a number of things going on right now.

The first is a flashback to the update we did on 9/13/17 about downmarket reveals of the strong and weak. I forecasted that Wagerr would overtake Peerplays by the end of September 2017.

I used the word "overtake" because there are two forces at work. First, Peerplays has been losing market cap tremendously. At one point calculations suggested it has lost 75% of it's market cap since Wagerr had been in existance. It's market cap has shrunk even more, as Peerplays is now in jeopardy of falling outside of the Top 200 coins again. The second force at work was Wagerr's expected momentum from a development update 9/15. Unfortunately the update was postponed multiple days and it came with a new timeline release by the end of the month. We expected timelines could be delayed because of the scale of the Wagerr project. Still, Wagerr lost a little momentum there for that reason. So while Wagerr did overtake Peerplays as was forecasted it wasn't as impressive as it could have been. It was more or less the result of Wagerr once again holding ground during a down market period. The last few days, coins have been getting hammered, and Wagerr has been holding firm. But many coins have been falling from their perch.

On 9/13/17 we also drew a parallel with Peerplays to Stox, and acknowledged they too were becoming very susceptible to downmarket periods. Stox is now within 9 positions and 1.25 million dollars of Wagerr in terms of market cap. It has literally lost that much position as Wagerr continued to hold firm at it's floor.

And so the point is this. Of the top 5 betting related coins, two are first page at CoinMarketCap.com currently (Augur and Edgeless), and three are on the 2nd page (Wagerr, Stox, and Peerplays). These three have been 2nd page for a while now. Yet of the 3, only Wagerr shows strength time and time again in down markets. We have documented how over the course of it's existance Wagerr has run wire to wire best return on investment out of these 5 coins whether up or downmarket. Stox and Peerplays continually get hammered in market downturns as their coinholders sell at the first opportunity. This weakness has cut the margin between Stox and Wagerr to almost nothing now. When Wagerr releases proof of development, Wagerr is going to ascend beyond this group.

I am ready to forecast the month of October as Wagerr's month to ascend beyond Stox in market cap. Wagerr passed Peerplays successfully by the end of September, and it should pass Stox by the end of October... and perhaps sooner.

With Wagerr holding so strongly in down markets, and Stox slipping in those down markets, Wagerr owns an advantage there. Combine that with the fact that Wagerr is underpriced near it's floor presently... the only direction is up for Wagerr in price.

Wagerr also has a sneaky irresistability when it's price is low.

The value makes it in demand.

Look for the price to continue bouncing back as it has the last 24 hours. Sell pressure will continue to trim gains somewhat and restrict progress... but, Wagerr has "betting events" and "development evolutions" forthcoming. Betting events affect Wagerr's market cap so strongly it overcomes the sell pressure, and the price increases. The TestNet launch and development evolutions that are coming will move Wagerr into the next bracket automatically. So Wagerr is already first page. It's just a matter of timing now.

Stay tuned for the betting event and development updates coming at end of September. Regardless of the development schedule, if Wagerr passes Stox, that momentum is likely to carry Wagerr to the 1st page as well.

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