OPINION 09/24/17:  The Engines of Industry & Investment

Cryptocurrencies are best when they have two "engines"...

The engine of Investment, and the engine of Industry.

Most coins at the moment do not have both. Most cryptocurrencies at this time are driven through Investment only, either because they are coins only or their industry / application has not yet been built at the time of investment.

The coins are lauded for their technical differences. This coin is more secure. This coin has faster processing times. This coin can be used in applications. Once they tell you their story, they send the coin to market and expect you to buy. The buying raises the price and if enough people buy, the coin gains in price and market cap. The investors and creators point at the market cap and price as proof of value and solicit more investment. Eventually, investors are ready to sell, and if they sell substantially, the price is lowered substantially. What happens next? If coin holders and coin creators associated price and market cap with coin value before, what happens when those numbers are reduced? Often times it results in more uncertainty in the minds of the investors and they elect to sell as well, since the value of the coin seems to be reducing. And that can cause a chain reaction (the bubble bursts).

Now a coin that is driven by Industry and Investment is totally different. If the industry is large, and requires purchase of the coin then the Industry alone can raise the price of the coin through the purchases of the users within the industry. The constant industry wide "need" means that there is a continual overwhelming need to buy and that offsets any coin sells that take place. Over time, more coin buy volume than sell volume results in coin price and market cap appreciation. This effect can be multiplied by industry users that hoard their coins like investors, effectively taking them out of circulation as they wait to use them on a rainy day... or if they are waiting for them to appreciate. As the price and market cap rise, the coin becomes secondarily a reliable investment. Industry first, Investment second.

Once the coin itself is seen as an Investment tool, investors begin to purchase the coin and their purchases compete with the purchases of the industry users, further increasing demand and prices. Investors take their coins out of circulation further increasing scarcity as they hold their coins waiting for appreciation. The result is significant price and market cap increases, as the appreciation lures and fuels further investment. Meanwhile the coin supply shrinks from increasing coin investment, and industry users then compete for the remaining available coins. With Wagerr that means escalating prices, though the users of Wagerr won't mind because the price of Wagerr is always relative to the amount of fiat currency they want to bet.

Eventually, investors will reach a level of appreciation where they inevitably will want to sell. Only this time, the coin price doesn't reduce as strongly as it would in an investment only coin. It may simply level out the price, or the withdrawal/coin sale may simply reduce the price temporarily before the price rallys behind industry use or continued substantial investment.

Industry makes coins a stronger investment.

The industry purchasers' needs continue on regardless of investment and speculation. They must purchase the coin to satisfy their need. That fuels the coin through peaks and valleys of price, keeping it stable, and allowing for investors to withdraw their appreciation without "bursting a bubble". Instead the coin rallies behind industry.

The coin can also show resilience and persistance in the wake of outside market influences as industry can help the coin rally from those as well.

Wagerr Coin is fueled by industry and investment. Once the application launches, and users begin to utilize it, the coin will be opened to investment through exchanges as well. At that point there really is no limit to the heights Wagerr can reach. It's value will increase with each new added user and each new added investor. Wagerr's industry (the $400 Billion to $1+ Trillion Dollar Global Sports Betting Industry) already exists. Once the block chain betting application is launched, the industry will fuel investment and the coin will gain value from both engines.

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