OPINION 09/26/17:  Traders Are Not Traitors...

As a participant in the Wagerr ICO, or as an early investor in any cryptocurrency launch, your number one coin goal is appreciation. We want the value of the coin to go up. Buy low sell high. And like many things in life we want our success yesterday. It's so hard to be patient.

Secondarily, we understand that coin price is not a reflection of the value of our coin. Coin price is not a reflection of the success of our coin. Coin price does not represent the potential of our coin. We know this, but we still feel badly when our coin goes down in price. It hurts a little bit, when you know the strength of the coin that you have invested in and you want it to shine for the whole world to see.

But should appreciation be our #1 goal early on in the investment process? Not really. If you feel that you have a once in a lifetime investment opportunity with a coin like Wagerr, you should be looking to go to the well again, and again, and again. If you truly believe in it that much. You should be focused on expanding your position as much as possible over time. The main obstacle that will prevent you from doing that is rising prices. So you really want the coin price to stay low during development, to offer you plenty of time and opportunities to buy in.

Sure, we want to see Wagerr chew up some of these weak coins and spit them out, but it's all in due time.

At this point in time with Wagerr we should be focused on our investment position and not coin appreciation.

Also, do not associate success with coin price. Do not have a bad day if you wake up to Wagerr's price being lower than the day before. There are so many reasons for changes in price that have nothing to do with the success of the coin.

Having said that I do get frustrated with the wholesale coin flippers that have attached themselves to Wagerr like birds eating bugs on an African Wildebeest. I've mentioned it and you should know they are there. They bought into the ICO as early as they could like round one for 5 cents. They received 10% bonuses, dropping their cost to 4.5 cents a coin, and some of them even picked up golden tickets (10,000 free WGR). So they own their coin cheap. Many of these people came in with like $50,000 to invest or more. In some cases they picked up 500k - 1 million Wagerr. And coming out of the ICO when the coin was 10 cents, they couldn't sell them all at once. So they have been doing it gradually. Every time the coin value reached 8.5 cents or better for 4 weeks they sold just enough to lower the price to 7 - 7.5 cents. Then they waited as an overwhelming support for Wagerr (in terms of purchases) raised the price back to 8.5 cents and they sold off again. For a while 7 cents was the cutoff line. However shortly after I started drawing attention to it in articles and videos surprisingly a lot of investor volume slowed. As if to spite, these coin traders / flippers sold anyway pushing Wagerr down into the 6 cent range. And so they began the process all over again. Now everytime the price raises to 7.5 cents they lower to 6.25 - 6.5 with more sells.

It's just like those birds and the Wildebeest. You are not getting them off your back. They are going to hang around until they fire off all their chips.

As early investors we need to get our heads right and remember that they really are doing us a service by keeping that coin price nice and low. Wagerr is extremely underpriced right now. In fact it's price does not reflect it's value or potential. Do not let that scare you away. It's a great time to buy Wagerr. I won't say that the coin traders are our best friends, but they certainly are helping you if your goal is to buy in at the best price. If Wagerr did not have these coin trader / flippers selling I promise you, with the vision of the Wagerr team, it's potential and the belief of investors, Wagerr would be over .25 a coin already. But they keep trimming it back.

As the Mayweather McGregor fight came around they backed off and they let the overwhelming demand drive up price until right after the fight then they began selling off heavily. So as we get ready for the next betting evolutions whatever they may be, understand the price will go up again, and then it's going to get shaved off again. The only thing that is going to get rid of them is for the coin to get up and get moving. The only thing that will get the coin moving sufficiently is Test Net / Development launch. Once the wheels begin turning and there is proof of viability, all of the investors watching on the sidelines will pour in and start investing heavily before launch just like they are doing with Edgeless in advance of it's upcoming launch now that development was revealed.

The coin traders will keep selling but you wont notice it because they will be a drop in the bucket by then compared to the influx of investment. And they are going to want to sell for retail too so they will let the coin appreciate before they sell.

Anyway just know, other than coin flippers and people in desperate need of money... no one is selling Wagerr. And the price per coin does NOT represent it's amazing potential, but it does represent a perfect buying opportunity.

So, no they aren't traitors, and if we're still buying Wagerr, we really ought to be  a little thankful that they are there.

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