OPINION 09/27/17:  Are You Hoarding?

Do you feel a constant uncontrollable urge to log into your Wagerr Branded Wallet to "SEE" your Wagerr Balance?

Is it the sheer size of your Wagerr Balance that compels you to open your wallet, or are you worried that someone might be out to get your Wagerr from you?

Do you open Wagerr.Review or CoinMarketCap.com on a second window or monitor regardless of what you are doing, so that you can see Wagerr pricing as it changes minute to minute?

Do you refresh often to see Wagerr's most recent price change?

If you could never buy Wagerr again would your quality of life somehow seem less fulfilled?

If you could never buy cryptocurrencies again, and someone offered you $1 per coin for your Wagerr, would you need to think before selling?

If the Wagerr Development Team released a new betting opportunity, would you be afraid to risk your hard earned Wagerr?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may already be a Wagerr Hoarder.

If not, well it's not too late to join us...

September is wrapping up, and there is already a palpable anticipation coming over us again, isn't there?

Wagerr development news is forthcoming. Since the last update, we received the new Wagerr Branded Wallet, and were informed about a new Test Net schedule and new Betting Opportunities for the Wagerr community. More information about Test Net and Betting Opportunities is due by the end of this month, or perhaps the first few days of October and we are readying ourselves for it.

The Mayweather McGregor fight was always a tough proposition... though a lot of people risked Wagerr on it.

Can you imagine an event like the Breeders Cup or Nascar Races, where Wagerr Bettors could get returns on their Wagerr like 7 to 1, or 20+ to 1 for their horse or driver... Hmmm.

That would likely pull in some interested parties, though traditional 2 field matches are the better route right now with so much development still on their plates. It would represent too much exposure right now, but those kinds of bets would definitely be interesting once the dynamic odds milestone is reached, and chain betting.

It would be interesting to see what kind of odds might be offered on those horses or drivers. They could also reduce the betting options in each race and present the field as a choice in some circumstances to make it more balanced.

Then the dynamic odds could adjust the odds to minimize chain exposure and keep the betting balanced. Additionally, head to head horse betting options and head to head driver options could be available in a peer to peer model.

Yet aside from those "creative" possibilities, there really are so many "Major" head to head betting options this fall without overstating the obvious...

The Fall and Winter months are actually packed with Major Sporting Events.

So it will be interesting to see what betting propositions will actually entice you Wagerr Hoarders to put your stash at risk.

I know there are quite a few of you who won't risk your stash of Wagerr at any price. And that seems like a logical response (I think), because all Wagerr owners have already in essence "Bet" on The Wagerr Team, The Wagerr Cryptocurrency's Success, and The Wagerr Blockchain Sports Betting Application's Success. The pay out for those bets stand to be healthy, and I can see where you might want to just hold off and wait for that.

But if a profitable betting opportunity came along and all you had to do was risk a little Wagerr, you would do that wouldn't you?

Wagerr Hoarders can stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more information over the next ten days or so. We'll be sure to pass along all of the development schedule and betting schedule updates as they become available!

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