OPINION 09/28/17:  Wagerr Is Already The Quiet Leader Of The "BIG 6" Betting Coins

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It's so important to gain perspective when you think about a cryptocurrency that is still in development, like Wagerr is. The most effective strategy is to compare a developing coin against it's more established peers in the same industry. "Return on investment %" is the measuring stick we should use, since investors want to earn a return for their investment after all. It always comes down to the money.

We've looked at this graph before. Sometimes we've included the Top 10 coins overall as well, because Wagerr competes very well with the Top 10 coins. It usually ranks in the middle (4th-6th) during up markets, and ranks 1st of all coins in down markets. 

But today, we drew the comparison strictly against coins in the same industry (the betting / wagering industry).

The period is from 7/5/17, which was the first day post ICO that Wagerr's data was tracked. We ran the data through yesterday September 27th, 2017... so you are getting a huge sample size... basically Wagerr's entire existance.

There's so much to gain from looking at this data.

The first notable thing is July 7th... Within 2 days of being tracked Wagerr took it's place at the top immediately. The other thing is that without exception, all of the competitive coins immediately dove into negative territory on Wagerr's release.

During the month of August, Stox got the endorsement of Floyd Mayweather, and yet somehow Stox couldn't turn that into momentum any more than the momentum Wagerr was already carrying on it's own independently without endorsements. Wagerr has essentially run at the top of these coins from day one to now.

Think about this for a second...

Stox left positive territory (+90%) the day before the August 26th Mayweather fight, and within 1 month's time dropped to -60% approximately. What message is that communicating, especially after getting Mayweather's endorsement?

Augur, Stox, Peerplay and Gnosis are paper tigers.

It's nothing personal. They are all forecasting models. They're new technology. The trick is they have to find out how to generate revenue with them. And who knows maybe they will. But forecasting is not an existing industry in the way that sports betting and casino gambling is.

I put Gnosis in there because it had a great day up 33% on 9/27 and still net net it's market cap is way down, from a high of 330 Million to 140+ Million after yesterday's rally. It's a $130 coin, and it lacks direction. How else do you lose that much value over the course of Wagerr's existance?

Say what you will and call it coincidence but look at these market cap all time highs:

1.) PEERPLAYS: $69 Million on June 25th. Now 3 months later, $10 Million, and on Page 3 of CoinMarketCap.com.

2.) GNOSIS: $388 Million on June 30th. Now 3 months later, $140 Million.

3.) STOX: $78 Million August 25, day before the Mayweather fight... Now, 30 days later... $17.5 Million.

4.) AUGUR: $324 Million August 27th after the Mayweather fight. 30 days later, down over $100 Million in a month.

All 4 of these coins are forecasting prediction model coins. These are new industries and there has been a rush to crown them with the all the money, only to see their prices cave in under the pressure. They may become strong coins at some point but the graph makes it crystal clear. Wagerr showed up and took over. As the Wagerr team has gone through 3 months of development, Wagerr has held it's market cap responsibly. It has returned a healthy profit over 3 months and it has led wire to wire.

Only Edgeless competes in ROI with Wagerr. But if you look at the graph, like Stox, it just can't seem to get away from Wagerr. Stox had the Mayweather endorsement,  and a $78 Million Dollar market cap, but then the Wagerr ICO launched and it was like gravity set in and began weighing it down. Even now it rallied today only to find itself about 4 million dollars ahead of Wagerr in market cap. Wager can make that up in 2 or 3 cents on it's coin price. Plus, Wagerr dominates in down markets and Stox has been noticably weak, to be kind, in down markets. If the market takes a turn, Stox falls right back into Wagerr's lap again.

Edgeless peaked and separated from Wagerr after it's recent development launch, but has edged right back near Wagerr, not straying too far.

Despite Wagerr's intense sell pressure related to Mayweather winnings being withdrawn (sold), and no other bets on the board... no action to entice people to deposit on (buy) to offset those cashouts... Wagerr still shows strength anyway. Even with Wagerr's more recent incentivized ICO, and it's coin traders buying cheap and selling high at every opportunity to create profit... Wagerr still shows resolve. Even with the huge scope of the development roadmap, and the impatience of Wagerr investors who can't wait for launch... Wagerr still doesn't waver.

Make no mistake. Edgeless and Wagerr are running 1 & 2 in ROI for a reason. They have clear visions, and they are following clear paths... and their paths are leading them directly into established industry where they both have an opportunity to revolutionize those markets. But, lets not kid here. Sports Betting is King. And Wagerr is like a lion under a shade tree right now, not even bothered with the thought of the hunt. He knows within a relatively short time period, he'll be tearing "it" up. It's what Wagerr was born to do.

"Ask Those In The Know, And They'll Tell You.

Wagerr Is The King Soon To Be Crowned..."

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