I was thinking of the video of this young man this morning. I can't believe this was from over 7 years ago. I wasn't really concerned of what became of him thus far. I was more impressed after all of this time with how he rose to the occassion and delivered upon his potential in this moment. It wasn't brain surgery he was performing at five years old. Yet, he found something he was passionate about... he worked at it, he believed in himself, and he created a moment. His small moment that no one can take from him. That is success. That is life. Find your passion, Believe, surround yourself with people who believe too, and work hard. Take risks & reap rewards.

OPINION 09/29/17:  Confidence In Ourselves First & Wagerr Second Is A Winning Recipe

When I decided to invest in Wagerr, it was a very easy decision for me. I immersed myself in it. My confidence came from within though... not from outside of me. I had the intuitive knowing that I was right. This was the right thing to do. I believed. Most importantly, more than my belief in Wagerr... the most important belief I had was in myself. I trusted myself that I made the right decision... that I picked the right investment. I knew that I could live with the result win or lose. I believed I would succeed with Wagerr, but that if I lost it would not stop me. I would continue on with life, with the same vigor, the same smile, and the same willingness to find success.

In baseball and poker, and many other sports quite frankly, there is a significant degree of failure. It's all about making strong decisions and putting yourself in position to succeed repeatedly over time. In business, there will be challenges, but often times the chances of success are much greater than individual sports. In business you have the opportunity to pool resources, knowledge, and capital for the greater good. There's a lot of leverage when you pull together large teams, and organizations in this way, and amazing things can happen. It takes vision. It takes commitment, and it takes belief to reap fortune from opportunity.

This website is for all of us, who find value in it. This website is not about me. Unlike a lot of YouTubers, etc... I have no interest in promoting myself as some sort of authority or figure. I'm comfortable speaking, writing, and being on camera, but this has never been about me. This is about us, and our opportunity with Wagerr.

I'm not here to sugar coat the Wagerr opportunity either. If something is amiss, in my mind... I will say so.

If I ever decide to sell out, and pull my stake up... I will say as much.

It'd be less work for me to shut it down.

This website is a labor of love as you can tell.

I believe in Wagerr.

I am excited by the potential of Wagerr.

And I know Wagerr, inside and out.

I share my opinion on this site because I needed a forum for the things I'd like to share or say. I'm not here to monetize videos, or advertise, or collect email addresses so I can sell you things later. In fact the only thing I will ever do here is promote Wagerr's affiliate program, if accepted for it at a later date.

But that's not the purpose for me here.

My goal is to share this opportunity with others, Period.

Some salespeople sell most passionately when they can EARN.

I've always sold most passionately when I could help others.

In sales, I always left profit out of my focus, and knew instictively that profit is a byproduct of professionalism. I'd earn a living in sales, or I wouldn't. I'd go on to something else if that's where life took me. But I spent my time meeting and helping people. I matched products and opportunities to the people that needed them most. And I was successful.

Cryptocurrency investing can be a bit of a dirty game. It can be a little bit like poker.

Not everyone shows their true colors or their true motivations like I do.

Not everyone is so forthcoming.

For some, finding a profitable opportunity is like finding Gold.

They hide and often mislead people in an attempt to keep it to themselves as long as possible.

Or they promote fear and uncertainty. It's so common they came up with "fud."  Fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.

It's for that reason that I keep a small circle of influence.

I don't have time for negative people, or people who change their mind all the time.

For me, life is the lock, and purpose is the key.

I found purpose, and purpose leads me where I need to go.

I believe in myself. I believe in others.

I do my homework, and I believe it what is possible.

If I choose to invest, I pull the trigger so effortlessly because first and foremost I believe in myself. I believe in the support and guidance I receive from God. If I make a mistake I know I can overcome it.

What else is there to worry about?

These are exciting times!

I mention this to say one thing only.

Be careful of the people you listen to, including me.

If you are investing, you are risking... so make sure you are comfortable with that. But also, be careful of people who are constantly negative. Some of them are just doubtful or pessimists by nature. Some are negative. Some are competitors creating fud in hopes of crushing a competing opportunity. Some are competitors on the same team that have their own motivations. It's hard to know what people's reasonings are for the things they say and do. So the best advice is to surround yourself with positive people. Trust in yourself to do the research. Trust in your judgement and believe in yourself. And if your inner voice appeals to you to take action, listen... whether coming or going.

But life is too short to be a victim. If you ever feel it's time to move on, then do.

Be happy in all things.

Be passionate about life.

Find Joy... you are deserving of that.

We all reap success and failures along the way, but we don't all reap joy. If Wagerr makes you happy and you believe in it, don't let others discourage you.

As five year old Joshua Sacco says in his moment, "Great Moments Are Born From Great Opportunities... That's What You Have Here Tonight Boys... That's What You've Earned Here Tonight."

By investing in Wagerr we've earned the opportunity to participate in something that can be amazing and so rewarding. The last thing you want to do is get off the train before you reach your destination! Or as the crypto gurus say... before you Moon!

Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more articles and insight.

We're in this together!

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