OPINION 09/30/17:  Social Media Sharing, Affiliates, & Wagerr's Hidden Demand

Businesses have been promoting online for over twenty years, and yet they historically struggle to adopt innovations. It always takes a good chunk of time to pass before they begin implementing the latest innovations. Not long ago, social media was the wild frontier, and businesses were struggling to harness the power of it. As time has passed though social media has become mainstream, and accessible to everyone. Not only are a majority of all age groups and demographics interacting with social media, but businesses are too. Most businesses grasp how savvy consumers are and how connected they are. A company that offers real value can gain unlimited exposure if social sharing takes root between consumers.

That's why the affiliate program is so key for Wagerr.

Here is a look at a screenshot of BitDice, an up and coming "fair play" online Bitcoin casino.

From the home page of BitDice, and even from their ICO page, there is no mention or access to resources related to the affiliate program. But once you get inside, it is clear that they understand the value of social sharing, as they make every user a potential affiliate.

So all player accounts are affiliate accounts, and created with affiliate links automatically. That is smart. When you think about fantasy football for example... each fantasy football client has a network of people they know who share the same interest. Their immediate circle is often 5 to 20 people. And those 5 to 20 people have their own circles. Sports betting is the same. Generally people that bet on sports know others that bet on sports, and the networks are large when you move outward from any one individual. A superior product like Wagerr just begs for social sharing. Wagerr affords the bettor so many advantages, that a single player could share their excitement with others and it could result in a huge swing in signups. Paying players as affiliates just greases the wheel and makes the whole process easier.

Cost per acquisition advertising methods have always been advantageous. In a properly designed affiliate program, you only pay an advertising cost when players join, and under certain terms/conditions that you specify. It's so much better than radio, tv spots, or banner ads, even pay per click where you aren't guaranteed any result for your advertising spend. 

Wagerr intends to create an affiliate program. It's deeper down the roadmap, but it is going to be part of a winning recipe of success. My recommendation is to make it inclusive just like BitDice. All investors and players should be affiliates by default. They both would have a desire in seeing the user base grow. For sports bettors, more users means more betting options and the potential to match their peer to peer bets more easily, while also earning referrals on their signups. Investors know that they could use more "Wagerr" for their signups, but also the more users are betting, the more fees are being burned and the more buying of Wagerr Coin is taking place. That all adds up to expanded market cap, and Wagerr pricing.

My last suggestion would be to use "Signup Codes" or "Bonus Codes" instead of links. Links are messy and don't translate as easily in social sharing as a well designed signup code like "WAGERR007" or "WINBETS," etc. These are much easier to implement and share socially.

Once Wagerr is live, the potential for it to rocket upwards exponentially will depend on bringing clients aboard quickly. Affiliate marketing is cost effective and performance effective. This could be huge.

Obviously, making Wagerr accessible to investors via Exchanges is going to be equally key.

If the right steps are taken to drive up user participation, and investor participation, Wagerr is going to absolutely crush all expectations.

Thoughtful consideration and implementation of strategy is key as it pertains to bringing on both Investors and Bettors. Wagerr should be utilizing many approaches to accomplish both. It's just that affiliate promotion only costs in money after it is successful.

Wagerr & Hidden Demand

Anyone who has been sitting on Wagerr coins since the ICO has been tested. Their conviction is being tested. Their belief is being tested. I did an article yesterday about "fud". I really suggest keeping a small circle or at least a large circle of positive people. There's no room in success for negative people or people who don't believe in the vision or only believe half way. The data is there. The numbers scream for anyone to listen to them. The numbers are telling the story. Just to prove my point, I logged in to the Wagerr Branded Wallet and pulled these images up at 9:42am ET US as I wrote this article. I didn't wait for these to show. These images are indicative of Wagerr more often than not. Now, keep in mind I showed some images like this in a past article, and I mentioned no one was selling Wagerr. Shortly thereafter someone creeped into the Sell orders and dropped a 500,000 sell order. I think it was to prove a point. It was gone quickly. It was priced just low enough to show but not really low enough to get sold and then it vanished. We know the coin flippers are there. I've been drawing attention to the constant sell pressure coming from people that are flipping coins. Anyway, here's 2 images from this morning 8:42am ET.

These are top stack offers to buy and sell. These are the best priced buy orders and the best priced sell orders taken right from the top of the exchange. These are the serious buyers and sellers. And what do you see? No one is selling Wagerr. Who is selling Wagerr? Likely a single coin flipper with their staggered 500 Wagerr quantities. On the other side who is buying?

Now these offers to buy and sell are shallow. A lot of the numbers in there are not serious. They're offers to buy for way too cheap or to sell for way too high. The legitimate orders both buy and sell have been combed through pretty heavily already.

It's true Wagerr's demand has been stifled, by lack of exchanges. Pure unadulterated demand for Wagerr could have driven it higher if it had been listed in multiple exchanges. But guess what? How high can you go without a testnet, or mainnet? Those rising prices while higher than present would risk inflation, and even a crash of pricing. Don't you know the same people begging and crying in the Slack channel wanting exchanges are the same ones who'd sell and dump their wad at first opportunity wrecking price? It's just like the ICO flippers buying cheap and using rising prices to create profit margins over and over again. They don't care about the success of the coin or profit. There are too many examples of coins rushing to market with nothing. Losing 60-80% of their market caps or more... becoming bubbles because they never delivered. The opportunistic investors outstripped the development. For some people thats how you do business. For others it's not.

The Wagerr project is a huge scale. Some people complain about the stagnant price of Wagerr (even though it's returning higher ROI than it's peers and Top 10 coins frequently for it's entire existance). They say "ohh, it's a scam sell your Wagerr...", blah blah blah. Fud fud fud. The best way to scam a coin would be to get listed early in multiple exchanges and drive that coin price up. The Wagerr team instead has protected and isolated the Wagerr coin to limited exposure and they have worked quietly at building the platform. They're doing exactly what they need to do for the longterm health of Wagerr, and they are following the roadmap.

Yesterday, I believe a Wagerr coinholder dumped 140,000 Wagerr around 5am Las Vegas time where I live. I noticed, because as a qualified "Wagerr Hoarder" I already had my Wagerr.Review screen up and was refreshing when it happened. So true... so embarrassing. It didn't bother me. It's not the first time someone has dumped. The price dropped to 5.5 cents a coin roughly for Wagerr.

So thinking logically here... In order to sell in an exchange, you have to have a buyer. So anytime there is a sell taking place there is a buy taking place. So someone got a great deal on 140,000 Wagerr. The price drop could challenge those of less faith or belief to worry about demand for the coin. Even though logic says the coin fell into the hands of someone who couldn't wait to own the Wagerr as an investment. Now the next fact that screams is the price bounced back to 7 cents a coin within 5 minutes. There is hidden demand for Wagerr all over the place. Savvy buyers waiting for desperate or unfaithful people to give up have orders to buy just waiting quietly. ICO participants and early investors that have maxed out their position are still watching on the sideline fully ready to be tempted if the price turned in their favor. They would likely buy more. But globally, there is an exponentially large number of investors that don't know Wagerr, or they require more proof of development before they buy in. There will be a flood of these types of buys when development presents itself. There are also all of the investors that will buy when Wagerr is available in other exchanges. Let's not forget the $400 Billion dollar industry of sports bettors who are ripe for the picking. As soon as they discover the advantages of using Wagerr over an offshore sports book or bookie. Are you kidding me? That's exponential and perpetual demand that will flood in. Faith is key here. It's a process. It takes time. Edgeless was an 11 cent coin in April. Wagerr didn't exist then. Edgeless is barely an 80 cent coin now, but it's trending upwards. Wagerr is barely 3 months old. Edgeless has 4 months on Wagerr.

The roadmap is nice, but the timeline hardly matters. It's the old "build it and they will come". The most important thing is to see incremental successes from the development team until it is done. Hopefully it is sooner than later, but this is uncharted territory.

Wagerr is absolutely owning it's peers in return on investment over it's existance. That's despite the sell pressures we've acknowledged for some time. Everytime you point to Wagerr's dip it bounces back. That's how you know it's going to soar. Most investments lose money during development. Wagerr is gaining market cap right now surrounded by fudder's uncertainty. When it's unencumbered by the weight of coin flippers, and development timelines... when the testnet and mainnet launch... Wagerr is going to Rocket!

But we're speculators. Face it. If this were the Gold Rush, we're the ones working the land in California on a hunch... on a gut feeling. Because that's where the obscene profit is. It's where the risk is. It's where the uncertainty is. I'm comfortable with that. The bet here is on the development. When the development materializes, it's like finding gold. Until then there is the prospect of risk and reward. The alternative is to wait on the sidelines and sell shovels when gold is found. But the money pales in comparison. We're on the front line in this because this is where we want to be.

Embrace it... We're all "Wagerring" for the money!

And... You have to stick with it to "Get it!"

Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more updates!

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