OPINION 10/17/17:   Why I Bought Back Into Wagerr Over The Last 48 Hours...

I'm not a huge investor. I bought in at the end of the ICO, and captured just over 40k Wagerr. I would have been happy with that position if the coin would have mooned right out of the ICO. I never wanted to see the price decreases that Wagerr has been subject to over the last month. I believe in the project, and I wanted to see it soar out of pride and optimism. But once the price arrived at 5 cents a coin, it became painfully obvious that the value I had tied up in Wagerr was not only decreasing, but it was poised to just stagnate waiting for development.

I decided to go ahead and take the 50% loss and sell my position, for the opportunity to grow my remaining value elsewhere and come back. I was able to more than double up over the last 2 weeks, and have joined the 100K Wagerr club now. I know that's still not huge compared to many of you that have several hundred thousand Wagerr on the website, and several hundred thousand in your Waves Wallet. I'm humbled just to see the buy orders that have been entered over the last 4 weeks.

The 5 cent Wagerr Price has attracted Whales and Sharks... and they have absolutely been gorging on Wagerr for a month now. It's common place to see 1-3 Million Wagerr buy orders, for 20 to 25 Bitcoin ($100K-150K USD). And the reality is the short term investor segment has been dumping to these large-type investors continually for days. I had mentioned in an article recently that in many ways Wagerr was better positioned now because it is purging out all of the coin flippers that want to move on. Dumpers are being traded for owners. The more coins are sold to maintain this 5 cent price, the more realistic new coin owners are coming into the Wagerr project. 5 cents is becoming the floor because of the volume of sell dumps they are soaking up. These whales and sharks that are feeding are not selling for 5 cents or under. So the question is how long can the Whales and sharks feed? Only as long as there are sellers to dump. We're getting to the point in my opinion, by pure bulk that the manipulative sell orders are going to have diminishing effect. Instead I think what you will see is more believers like myself returning to regain their positions with buys not sells. Especially after realizing gains elsewhere they are in position to pay a small premium to buy outright instead of waiting on sellers... especially if the price continues to rise.

The percentage of committed Wagerr coin owners is going up and the percentage of uncommitted owners is decreasing. 

I sat on an article for a while and did not publish it because I did not want to contribute to fud or unsubstantiated speculation. But after a recent visit to the Wagerr Discord App, I discovered some were having the same conversation aloud, that I had been having with myself... which is... This price has very likely been orchestrated at some point. Wagerr has had all kinds of natural sell pressure for the reasons we have already discussed, but many times it seemed almost uncanny that despite very strong demand the price continually was trimmed back. I thought about whether the Wagerr team could use the lower prices to expand their position in Wagerr Coins themselves. It would make sense that if they are going to do the work, they would want to maximize the profit they will make. Creating millionaires is great, but I am sure they want to be a larger part of it too. It also would strengthen their operational position. I'm not sure that it is the case, but I observed people in discord sharing that same "what if".

Bottom line is we are in a different period than we were just 2 weeks ago. A lot of sellers have now been purged. I felt it important to lock in my new larger base position now. I will keep trying to expand as I can even as the price goes up, and I believe others will do so as well. I think we're in "heat check" mode. Like NBA players who have hit 2 or 3 three pointers and need to come back right away to shoot to see if they are on fire. If coin price continues pushing over 6 cents which we havent seen in some time, there will be an opportunity for sellers. So we'll find out how strong Wagerr is positioned, and if enough sellers have been purged or not. I think we're poised to see a low to moderate uptick from where we were only a couple days ago... There are just too many people interested in this project long term now. 

When Is it safe to swim with the Sharks?   When you are NOT the food! 

That means now is the time to buy... not sell. Beat them to the punch. And by the way Stox and Peerplays are ripe for the picking. If Wagerr half way wakes up it overtakes both coins. The final word of course is that in order to make gains stick we need to nail them down with small incremental development achievements from the Wagerr team.