OPINION 10/2/17:  The State Of Wagerr

September 30th was kind of a dividing line for Wagerr separating the past and the future. As significant as that sounds, the day overall was not entirely that significant. In order to really understand where Wagerr is now, post September 30th, you really need to know the path that it has been on. Wagerr in general terms represents the Wagerr Coin (WGR) and the Wagerr Blockchain Sports Betting Application that utilizes the coin.

The application that Wagerr's team is developing is not a simplistic app. It's initial base concept is to allow bettors to utilize a cryptocurency to bet on sports peer to peer. They are able to do so anonymously without submitting ID's or copies of credit cards, bills, and personal information like offshore sportsbooks require. The application utilizes blockchain smart contracts to payout Wagerr cryptocurrency to winning bettors after each game concludes. Because the wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet, the user is in full control of the funds. That means they always have access to their winnings and can withdraw (sell) at any time. Unlike offshore sportsbooks, there are no cashier departments to deal with, maximum withdrawal amounts or limitations. The Wagerr application also eliminates the fear that winning bets would go unpaid by a sportsbook in financial trouble. Winnings with Wagerr are paid out after every game automatically. Bettors are also betting with an asset, so they can earn profit from winning bets, while also earning as the asset coin Wagerr increases in value. This will encourage successful bettors to look at their winnings as an investment. It will also help bettors return a profit, since they have more than one means of earning a return on their investment. As Wagerr bettors continue to buy the coin to bet with the market cap and price of Wagerr will continue to expand.

The ICO for Wagerr was designed to fund this peer to peer betting platform. They had offered additional technology that could be implemented based on the success of the ICO. An affiliate program, live betting, e sports, and a built in muticoin exchange were all added features as a result of the successful Wagerr ICO, when it sold out. These things all require additional development. The Wagerr ICO was held to fund the development which was understood from the beginning. Wagerr also included multibet peer to peer which increased the chances of having betting partners when large amounts were wagered by a single person. Now they can match their bets against several people to fulfill the amount they want to risk. Chain betting was also a feature which was to be allowed for, where bettors could wager without partners in a traditional way. The blockchain would combine chain betting with dynamic odds so that the chain bets did not overexpose the platform. If money came heavily on one side, dynamic odds would break away from published lines to offer incentivized prices drawing action in an effort to balance the sides.

These are just a few of the features being built into the complex blockchain platform. In addition it must be secure and it must be able to support a $400 Billion - $1+ Trillion global sports betting industry, and the bulk of transactions that could create.

That leads me to expectations of development fulfillment. There are ICO investors that are looking for short term results and those looking for long term results. The way the investors see the world is entirely different. Long term holders are payout driven, willing to risk today for large or exponential returns tomorrow. The timeline is important but not as crucial as just seeing development succeed. Short term ICO investors generally are more concerned with profit than the success of the platform. They hang around as long as it is profitable for them to do so in the short term, and are not committed to more than that. The vast # of participants in the Wagerr ICO are in long term but there are those who are or were looking for immediate profit. To them, the timeline became very important because each development milestone would result in increase pricing.

The Wagerr development team faces a large task in developing the platform. It's not conducive to the short term investor. Those investors set themselves up for frustration because this always was going to be a huge undertaking. Recently there were development updates on 9/15/17 and 9/30/18 that revealed the recent addition of new developers, increased focus on security issues, etc. They also revealed the need to delay implementation of some milestones by 3-6 months, while reaching others on time. For the long term investor that understands development is a long and tedious process, this was expected and simply a bump in the road. The exponential potential is worth the wait. For the short term investor this was a deal breaker. And on October 1st, Wagerr Coin lost 25% of it's value based on sales from this section of investor. There were plenty of buyers for their coins though and there is no doubt Wagerr will rebound in short order.

Wagerr the coin has been a dominant ROI coin since it's inception, outperforming all of it's peers even while in development. Coins in development can often end up with negative ROI since they don't yet have the developed subtance to support price. So it's helpful to look at the ROI chart again following the 25% loss on October 1st. That chart is above.

As we know on 7/5/17 Wager began being tracked for market cap and price. It immediately jumped up to a 60% increase in ROI post ICO. Early sales lowered the return to the 10-15% range until about August 1st. In August there was lead up to the Mayweather McGregor fight. Wagerr's team allowed betting on the fight via the Wagerr coin, and Wagerr's unique sports betting property allowed it's market cap and price to grow as more and more people bought Wagerr to bet with on the fight. The ROI peaked August 27th at over 100% ROI. Because the platform was not launched yet and there were no other betting options, Mayweather bettors began selling coin to withdraw their winnings. Short term investors looking to flip an easy profit also began selling which lowered the price. Still, there was residual equity left after those withdrawals. Wagerr's ROI began holding now at 25-35% once it stabilized. It was not until 9/15/17, the first development update that Wagerr really lost some dominance among it's peers. Edgeless was getting a bump from it's recent development releases, though those gains have been lost as Edgeless too waits on development. One thing that hurt Wagerr was 2 or 3 days of uncertainty, before the official announcement about delays on 9/18. The development update on 10/1 also contained delays which led to many short term investors to give up and sell part or all of their holdings. Wagerr dropped 25% on 10/1, but where did that leave Wagerr?

Arguably it left it in great position and here is why. It purged itself of many short term investors that are less committed. In it's place many buyers of those coins came on already aware of the development timeline. Like the long term holders the new investors understand the scale of the project and see the massive potential as worth the wait. For investors,  the delays are not ideal, but they signify a new expanded opportunity to grow their position. Prior to this there may have been a fear of escalating prices or a closing window for the best purchasing. But now it seems investors will have quite possibly 3 to 6 more months to expand their positions and that is exciting. Even despite these small obstacles the graph makes it clear. Before the announcement Wagerr was 2nd of 6 for ROI in the betting industry coins. After the 25% loss on 10/1 it is still 2nd of 6 for ROI during it's existance. The only coin running higher is Edgeless and it is retracting and is still very close to Wagerr. In addition keep in mind Edgeless is a 4 month older coin and it is 4 months further along in the development process and Wagerr still runs neck and neck with Edgeless for ROI.

There is safety in Wagerr as it is now even more underpriced than it has ever been. The biggest loss risk comes from coins overpriced. Examples can be found in previous articles. Overpriced coins can become bubbles and burst. Underpriced coins on the other hand tend to fight through adversity retaining value. Wagerr is expected to do that. When they reach development milestones they begin to launch upwards. Wagerr has a very high demand, and combining that with strong underpricing makes it a sneaky gainer. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wagerr return back to the 7 cent range again within the next few weeks.

We had forecasted for it to overtake Stox in October. That likely will not happen though its still possible. With development delays of 3 to 6 months, the focus will shift to betting evolutions this fall. Those betting opportunities like the Mayweather fight once again will grow market cap, value and price, increasing the chance that it shoots upward again soon. Otherwise Wagerr is entering a new investment phase where investors can expand their positions patiently as they wait for milestones to be reached.

Mainnet and Testnet are tentative for release January 15th, 2018 though the official blockchain betting functionality will not be live at that time.

We will continue to keep you posted with updates and analysis when available, right here at Wagerr.Review!

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