OPINION 10/21/17:  Wagerr (WGR) Price Forecast

Wagerr's Return On Investment During It's Existence As Compared To It's Peers During That Time

Wagerr has carried a lot of natural sell pressure for the reasons that we have mentioned previously. However, that has not prevented Wagerr from leading it's peers in return on investment (ROI) over it's entire existence.

The most recent and substantial sell pressure came from the September 30th development delay announcement. That announcement indicated that some milestones would arrive on time and others would delay 3 to 6 months. Long term Wagerr investors understood the scope and size of the project, and expected delays. Short term investors though were relying on price increases from that development to provide targets at which they could sell for profit. With those targets now delayed, there was a substantial desire to sell for many short term investors. This sell off pressed Wagerr into the 4.8 to 5.3 cent range which was 25% lower than it's previous position at the time.

The benefit, was the entrance of more serious long term investors. Large investors (whales) began flocking to Wagerr, and over the course of 2 weeks began to enter huge buy orders for tens of thousands of Wagerr at a time. Many of these buy orders were for 100K+ Wagerr, and even 1-3 million Wagerr at a time. These short term investors began dumping their coin inventories to the whales and they absorbed all of that 5 cent sell pressure. 

I sold my position in Wagerr at the end of September, and moved it elsewhere to rebuild the value. On October 17th, I brought that value back to take advantage of the low 5 cent prices before they increased. I was able to expand my position and then communicated what I am seeing to our community.

It's my opinion that the 5 cent range of sell pressure is mostly alleviated now. There's hardly any sell volume left in this range. You can tell because of the amount of traction Wagerr is showing on price is increasing in this range. Just yesterday it pushed above 6 cents multiple times for the first time since the development delay announcement. Each time the price was trimmed back to the mid to high 5 cent range, but still it is trending upwards. However there is a substantial amount of sell pressure in the 6 cent range. As Wagerr returns upward in price over the next 2 weeks it should continue to offer 6 cent sellers the opportunity they are looking for and over time will alleviate that range as well.

So now is the best time to consider expanding your position if you have that goal for yourself. These are likely the best prices you will see. Also, expanding your position will make Wagerr stronger as it lessens the sell pressure in the 6 cents range and returns upward to it's more natural range of 7 to 10 cents per coin. When development hits, Wagerr will launch upward from there. If you don't actively look to expand your position now in the coming weeks, others will and eventually over time the price is going to increase. So this is a great time to jump in and be a part of Wagerr's push upwards. There is a very good chance for Wagerr to accomplish some notable things related to price in the next 1-4 weeks.