OPINION 10/24/17:  Betting With Wagerr Before MainNet

It's pretty clear that people are betting with Wagerr already before MainNet or TestNet release. Especially as pricing lowers, the risk is higher for holding Wagerr.... and the reward for owning Wagerr is higher as well. As the price of Wagerr decreases, the eventual profits Wagerr owners will reach multiplies. Especially if they can use the opportunity of lower pricing to expand their position even more.

It is obvious that Wagerr owners are selling a percentage of their position for Bitcoin. Once the Bitcoin is in their Wagerr Waves Wallet, they are withdrawing the Bitcoin to a deposit Bitcoin address at their preferred online sportsbook. Once they have successfully built their balance up at the sportsbook, they are withdrawing from the sportsbook via Bitcoin and sending it to the deposit address for Bitcoin that is in their Wagerr Wallet. Once received this Bitcoin is being taken to the Waves exchange and utilized to buy directly from existing sell orders, or the predevelopment bettor can even enter their own buy order for someone to sell to eventually.

That adds a new dynamic to sell pressure as Sundays and Mondays represent high volume betting days with the NFL action that is taking place. It makes sense to leverage the Wagerr they already own to make those "wagers" and done well, can result in further expansion of their overall position.

If many winners return needing to rebuy what they sold, it can lead to waves of rebuying or competition in the buy order list. So it should be interesting how this activity further impacts price.

We'll keep you posted with more trends or updates here at Wagerr.Review, as they are available.