OPINION 10/26/17:  Wagerr Owners Should Negotiate PRICE From A Position Of Strength

This comparison is different in that we are not looking at the "Betting" segment. This is return on investment for Wagerr over the course of it's existence when compared to 3 coins... Peerplays, Stox, and BitConnect. 

We all know over the course of Wagerr's existence it has dominated all of the major Betting Segment coins: Edgeless, Stox, Peerplays, Augur and Gnosis. In some ways it's not a fair fight.

First of all, none of those coins offer the path or opportunity that is Wagerr.

Second, as the baby of the bunch Wagerr is better positioned.


Well all of those coins allowed significant exchange trading prior to realized development, resulting in hyped up, overinflated prices relative to the point in development where they are located. Only Wagerr is exchange limited, and it's prices have little fat on the bone. When it was dominating Ethereum, Ripple, Bicoin, and Litecoin from July 26th to August 27th in return on investment, Wagerr did it through business not hype... betting not investment. So while it's price has returned to where it started (near 5 cents a coin), it has been holding it's true value for where it is in development.

These other coins were hyped up and inflated before development realization, and their prices have been caving during the entire lifetime of Wagerr. 

Peerplays is the most direct competitor of Wagerr, because Edgeless is casino games and blackjack, while the other coins are prediction markets. Stox is a prediction market, but it had Mayweather's endorsement and had a sports betting flavor but is not a direct competitor or peer to Wagerr. Peerplays aspires to release MyBookie, a sports betting application on it's peer to peer application network. For that reason it is the only direct peer to Wagerr.

Let's look at Peerplay, since it's a direct peer to Wagerr. This is performance since Wagerr's ICO.

Peerplays peaked during Wagerr's ICO and hasn't been the same since.

Once worth 84 Million Market Cap and $23 a coin, Peerplays is now worth 14 Million and $3.77 a coin.


It's not just that Wagerr showed up with it's impressive opportunity and it's impressive path...

It's that Peerplays like all the other betting segment coins are overvalued through hyped exchange trading, while still in process of development.

Additionally, the exchange trading steals the opportunity from investors to participate. A jump to $1 or $5 or $10 a coin makes large scale investment difficult if not impossible for average investors. When they do participate at that point, they open them up for a price that caves once the hype is gone, as traders trade away all that equity.

And, long term investors presented with a path like Wagerr's, jump because they can get positioned appropriately without being hype inflated out of the investment. So Wagerr has a competitive advantage by remaining unhyped by the Wagerr development team.

In Peerplay's defense we have to compare to them because they are the only direct sports betting coin. But there's no comparison otherwise. And... Peerplay's story has not been told just as Wagerr's has not been told either. Both projects are still in development. But Wagerr dominates the segment because it's price holds value better than inflated coins do. It's just that simple. Plus investment is more explosive for participation in Wagerr since the per coin price is so reasonable. These other coins can't match that.

Still, there are factors detracting from Wagerr.

At this point, I hope you have seen the video on our home page, and read the articles on our site about the Wagerr opportunity. It's explosive and unprecedented since Bitcoin. In some ways it is better than Bitcoin. It is still in development, so Wagerr is a speculative investment.... but so are all of these coins.

Enter BitConnect.

As you can see at the table above, for Wagerr to perform like BitConnect, it would have to raise it's bar and level of thinking. Unlike the betting segment coins that Wagerr dominates in ROI, BitConnect has it's industry launched and it's "engine of industry" is already implemented. Over the course of Wagerr's existence BitConnect has a return on investment near +250%.

So, it's unfair to compare a developed BitConnect with a Wagerr coin that is still in development.

But both coins have "engines of industry".

With BitConnect it's industry is Mining, Staking, Investing and Lending. Their owners can mine, stake and lend  at will through their wallet application. With those practical applications in play it fuels the growth in market cap that fuels the investment, in the same way that betting with value coupling expands market cap for Wagerr, and attracts investment therein. 

Bitconnect is not as explosive as Wagerr can be, and at $200 a coin a lot of the strongest growth in BitConnect has already been realized. But they are a good model for Wagerr in one aspect only.

Investor Confidence.

Realized and implemented development breeds confidence.

A lack of development opens the door for fear. With Wagerr, the opportunity it represents is so strong though, and so affordable right now, you really have to throw fear out the window before you get started. Invest your disposable income, and then there is nothing left to fear. If you want to stretch beyond that, then you need to make a decision that you can live with, but stretching beyond your disposable income shouldn't really be that necessary since the potential in Wagerr is so huge!

Once aboard, the BitConnect project welcomes owners into a community. They are almost cultish in the way they pull together for appreciation and what they are trying to accomplish overall.

They are proud of their coin, and considering Wagerr represents a much more explosive opportunity, we need to demonstrate that same type of confidence in our coin.

It starts with expecting more from the coin price.

There are plenty of coinholders in the present that are attempting to drive Wagerr's price downward through selling. Some are inspired to do so to obtain profit from trading. Buy low sell high.

Some are inspired to do so for the sake of promoting fear, in hopes that it will trigger more sells and lower prices, thus multiplying their future investment. Lower prices allow large investors to expand their positions at prices that work for them. You've likely seen the whales feasting on Wagerr for the last 4 weeks as prices were suppressed into the 5 cent range.

All of that selling though, may not work for you individually.

Especially if you are an investor that is relatively "all in" all ready. You may not want to see lowering prices caused by traders selling for profit or to suppress price for their future investment.

If that's the case, then it's time to realize the obvious.

As a Wagerr owner, you have something everyone wants, and I do mean EVERYONE.

You own not only the Wagerr coin, but you own a stake in the Wagerr path.

Regardless of price, the Wagerr opportunity is as explosive now as it has ever been. In fact as development continues it will only get stronger. For those that have reached their investment positions (the positions they are comfortable with), it's time to drive the market. 

As a Wagerr investor and project believer, if you want to buy more Wagerr to expand your position, you could simply go into the Waves Exchange, and buy from the sellers there. After all sell orders in the exchange are almost always higher than current price. If you want to see coin price appreciate once you've established your base position, you should pay more for the coin than it's current price... that way you are contributing to price appreciation.

In this example Wagerr is priced above at .00000856 BTC

Lowest price in the sellers list above that you can buy from is .00000861 BTC

Buying from that position will lead to price appreciation. If you're ready to buy, go for it. Your buy contributes to a higher coin price overall.

But if the price is lower than current price, your buying will lead to price depreciation. It would be better (if your base position is already locked in), to buy now at a price higher than current price.  It might be worth it to wait for an incrementally larger price. Yes you will be paying slightly more, but your coin position will remain slightly higher per coin overall. Helping the existing coins in your wallet keep value and appreciate slightly is worth it. And it helps the community overall. It's just a suggestion and something to consider if you are already locked in.

Another suggestion is to consider entering a strong buy order.

Here's another example using the same "current" price from above.

In this scenario, using the same "current price" of .00000856 BTC, you can see both sell orders you can buy from are a bit higher and would lead to an incremental increase in coin price. However, a smarter play would be to enter a strong buy order in for close to the same price. Placing your buy order in, instead of buying from the sellers allows you to block a lower priced sale that will depreciate all the coins in your wallet. Right now, the top priced buyer is asking .00000836 BTC. If someone sells to them, all coins depreciate in price from the .00000856 current price. Entering in a strong buy price order for at least current value .00000856 blocks that lower buy price and encourages competition in the buy order list. As more investors that are already locked in perform that way, it breeds competition in the buy list. They will have to pay more if they want to buy Wagerr. Shouldn't it be that way if the opportunity is as strong as it is? They would pay more or they won't get the opportunity to buy. That's a better move. When you enter a buy order that blocks though, as price goes up, you have to raise it so it will continue to protect and appreciate the new current prices over time. You're paying more, but your coins are all holding more value and so is the community price. Everyone invested gains and it only costs you marginally more the one time you buy at the higher price.

Serious Wagerr investors need to think about that when buying. If you are locked in with your base investment and going back for more, consider the price you buy at with sellers. And look to block depreciation by entering a strong buy order whenever possible.

When you need to sell a portion of your stake, then sell. Enter a sell order that maintains price as much as possible. If higher prices are already in the buy list leave them there unless you absolutely need to complete the sale right then. It's better to enter a sale order at a responsible price then sell to the buy order list and eliminate that higher priced insulation that is there.

It's time to start expecting more from Wagerr. 

Managing the way we buy and sell as committed "locked in" investors helps to overcome the manipulative selling that is taking place by wholesalers / traders that seek to exploit lower prices.

I had made a video on this subject at one time but the timing was off. It's more relevant now so I decided to write an article on it.

People are going to invest in the way that makes sense to them. But if this makes sense to you, it may be something to consider.

BitConnect owners just expect so much from their coin price. Shouldn't we?

As mentioned before "Development" is key and is the difference largely between the 2 coins... so a lot of weight falls on the Wagerr development team.

But we can do our part also.

Stay tuned for more independent review and analysis of the Wagerr project right here at Wagerr.Review.

Expect More... and if you're locked in and still looking to expand, higher prices is a problem you want to have!

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