PRICE 09/20/17: What's Cooking In The Wagerr Kitchen Today?

I don't know but it smells really good!

All joking aside, there's a bit of a shift within the last 24 to 48 hours in the dynamics of Wagerr Price. Now whether it's a fundamental shift or something that will end as quickly as it began remains to be seen. But it's an interesting change for the moment.

I'll do my best to present some viewpoints to consider.

First and foremost, I wouldn't trade my position in Wagerr for equal position in Edgeless just because they are further along in the process. I like Edgeless, and I think it will likely be a strong coin. However I think Wagerr stands to be entirely and significantly more successful post development. I may write about that in an upcoming article.

Yet, I am envious because the development announcement that Edgeless made is sending them upwards and their speed and traction are gaining. Of course we want that for Wagerr. Knowing that we are a younger coin, the best we can do is to use the time to increase our position for Wagerr's eventual launch.

The thing that has my mouth watering and other Wagerr investors mouths watering is the price. I am pretty much all in to the extent that I planned to invest. But the lower the price goes the more ready I am to pull the trigger and jump back in. So that actually is something I am watching right now.

And if you think I am the only one, take a look at these images taken out of the all new Wagerr Wallet!

What grabs my attention is the interest in Wagerr that is sitting on the top of the heap right now... and rightly so. I know personally I have stressed prices for Wagerr in the 8-10 cent range are phenomenal, and anything beneath 8 cents is a steal. So with Wagerr's current pricing set at 6.7 cents per coin, you're basically dangling meat in front of the leopard's cage... I mean at this price, someone is going to "snatch it". Let's be real.

So you have in just 10 buy orders (and the most expensive top of the heap buy orders)... darn near a Million Wagerr on buy. The prices have been suppressed so low now, it's bringing out the whales and sharks.

I can understand the average Joe investors. They're tired... Wagerr's inherent value is so strong, every time the price dropped for 2.5 months it's been "Buy, Buy, Buy."

The other thing is most of the average Joes are long term holders. They'd like to see the price appreciate too with all of the buying they have been doing... and yet the pro coin traders have been sitting back letting the average Joes buy the price up so they can knock it down. It's part of the reason Wagerr has been cycling...  the sells at 9 and 10 cents for coins held by ICO participants, that bought at 5 cents for example.

Here's a 7 day graph from quite a few days back, where we acknowledged the "haircut" Wagerr was getting from sell pressure. If you look at the number of peaks packed in that 7 day window it's quite clear the amount of demand needed to run up those peaks. Yet every time the price reached a certain level, a few significant sells would push it back down. So for the average Joe I can see where they would say well apparently the price is just going to inevitably retreat anyway... there's no rush to buy... it's just going to retreat again.

But if those whales sitting in the "Buy Order" queue decide to execute on a price in the current range the result is rapid price expansion.

So it is interesting to see who moves first.

We know Wagerr is entirely underpriced right now. And we feel confident as many people do, that Wagerr is going to be successful.  So it's curious to see who flinches first. Who is going to get that price? The average Joe, or the Whale?

Here are the sell orders for comparison...

A couple things stand out...

Firstly, no one is selling Wagerr. Anyone that knows what Wagerr can be in the future is holding. The only people selling Wagerr are likely in need of money or they are coin traders that are looking to move value to another area during this "slow development period" for Wagerr, or they are buyers and sellers (wholesaler type) investors. Those wholesaler types again are the type to buy Round 1 for 5 cents in the ICO, and take back 10% bonus reducing their cost to 4.5 cents. If they picked up free coin too, they just wait as the price increases and then they keep selling off their coin until they run out. It's just about profit margin to them.

And that brings me to the 2nd point, look at the uniformity of sells. A lot of 500 Wagerr sells, all stacked .0001 apart, lends you to believe they are all the same seller. Also the two 8,000 Wagerr sells could be related and they may even be the same seller as the 500 sells are.

Point is this is the floor. The buying happens here.

There's no guarantees the price is ever this good again. To be honest I'm surprised it's stayed in the 6 cent range this long. This honestly is like dangling meat in front of the leopard cage.

If the parties involved (all of us investing) leave the price where it is for much longer, I am going to make a move even though until now I felt I was "all in".

Don't leave that steak on the grill too long... it will dry out.

In all seriousness, it's a really good time to buy regardless of your bankroll. That is the silver lining about the development period... so you really want to take advantage of it!

One last point of view... here is a screenshot taken from the all new Wagerr Wallet video I did only 2 days ago. Take a look at the prices on buy then compared to now. So there is definitely urgency to buy building, just from the larger investors that have been waiting all along for the best price.

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In two days, the amount of buy orders has moved from orders for about 100,000 Wagerr to nearly One Million Wagerr (850,000)...

Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more updates!