QUICK THOUGHTS 09/15/17:  200 Words Or Less

Fortunately, a picture is worth a thousand words. This graph courtesy of CryptoCurrencyChart.com shows return on investment of Wagerr versus the Big 10 cryptocurrencies since Wagerr has existed. In two months it's return on investment while in development has been +34.58% to rank 5th.

This graph shows Wagerr against all 10 of the Big 10 cryptocurrencies during a down market, while still in development. From September 1st to September 14th, Wagerr has ranked best of the best. The top 10 are losing ground in the down market and they are not even close to Wagerr over the same period.

Wagerr has earned a healthy positive return on investment in the entire 2+ months of it's existance. When the market turns bad, Wagerr always fights to hold onto your value. The future of Wagerr is so strong in terms of potential return. If you have value invested in other coins, you should strongly consider moving it to a coin with a future. One that can possibly return on the level that Bitcoin did in it's earliest days to now... Hundreds or even Thousands to One.

But aside from that, Wagerr is fighting to hold onto your value and it's already returning positive growth even in tough times.

Today 9/15/17 is the development update. The best time to buy Wagerr is right now.

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