UPDATE 01/01/2018:  Wagerr's 2017 In Review & Early 2018 Projections

Return On Investment (ROI) For 6 Core Betting Coins During Wagerr's Lifetime

At Wagerr.Review, we have been extremely accurate in our projections and forecasts for Bitcoin and Wagerr. 

Often, our timing has been perfect. As was the case during creation of the Wagerr Review video on our home page. Bitcoin had risen to it's all time high at the time, eclipsing $3,000... before seeing a third of of it's price and market cap vanish. For the first time there had been a rather sharp retraction in Bitcoin's price. With prices falling as low as $2,100 we announced during the video that we expected not only for Bitcoin to recover in short order it's all time high, but to go much higher - becoming a "sleeping giant" that had awakened. Within 2 days of the video production Bitcoin did exactly that, rocketing upwards to a double at $4,500 per coin...and, of course it's eventual push to $20,000 and it's year end close around $14,000. 

For Wagerr, we were it's biggest supporter. Post ICO, at 13 cents per coin we lauded Wagerr's future as one you could count on for price appreciation. As coin price dropped after the Mayweather McGregor fight, we reminded everyone that Wagerr was an absolute steal at 8 cents per coin. When development delays and lack of communication ensued (along with the resulting community apathy / fud ), Wagerr price floored to 4.8 cents per coin. Despite our reservations about the Wagerr management team at the time we continued to lend our support and begged community members and coin owners to realize the opportunity of the moment. Our timing seemed early in offering our unending support while Wagerr price was stagnating... but as the year 2017 closed out, Wagerr surpassed Peerplays and Stox - it's earliest rivals. It broke away from the entire core betting coin group in terms of ROI. Wagerr had led wire to wire, but now it was not only leading, it was crushing everyone, as it shot upwards to 60 cents per coin (a x12 gain over it's all time low and a 5x gain from it's post Mayweather highs).

We've always told the truth though. We haven't sugar coated our beliefs. When we felt that Wagerr management allowed fud to persist, we questioned if a lower coin price was a benefit for the platform. We also held strong to our belief that Wagerr was extremely undervalued while it's price was being crushed for weeks.

So as we look forward to 2018, we do so with pride. If we could be accurate in those projections... could we be equally accurate with our projections that are still open or "in progress"?

Months ago we annnounced that Wagerr was a first page coin at CoinMarketCap... and to "BET" on it.

We also said all crypto investors have "cryptoperception"... meaning they have no clue as to the size of anything in the space. Everytime they estimate potential, they are eventually embarrassed because the results are much much larger than they imagined.

We asked you to dream Big like Deion Sanders... and not to put limiting beliefs on what Wagerr could do.

We said Wagerr was worth $6 a coin and even $100 a coin.

Privately we estimated Wagerr is worth much more than that.

Still we tied all of our largest projections to the bet all Wagerr coinholders are gambling on.


We owe our visitors the truth of what we really believe.

And what we believe right now, January 1st, 2018 is that Wagerr with all of it's massive potential is pushing into a new territory of being overvalued / overpriced for the first time. What does that mean? It just means that the massive appreciation in price that Wagerr has realized within the last 30 days or so was the result of an email. An email that promised that Wagerr was on track for MainNet and TestNet January 15th.

See, the thing is, and we've mentioned this before... Wagerr's strength is the belief of it's coin holders. Wagerr's platform isn't live and it was only on the backs of it's investors' faith that Wagerr was able to rally upwards. Wagerr's coinholders have been carrying the coin investment since day one. It's only when Wagerr's management and development team begin delivering that Wagerr will truly achieve it's fullest potential.

So while short term gains are welcomed, it's important to realize that these gains resulted from: potential, hype, faith, optimism, and fear of missing out. Those motivators also fuel bubbles. 

In the past we were excited because Wagerr's potential was disproportionately larger than it's price. It was the fact that it was undervalued that was so exciting.

Some of that excitement has worn off. Coinholders can't carry Wagerr forever.

So it comes to this... our belief in the Wagerr team.

At Wagerr.Review, we believed in David and his team from the earliest days... enough so to create this free unpaid Wagerr Review platform from scratch. We still believe in them, but the fire is getting hotter now. The roadmap milestones have been delayed and the journey lengthened. Setting an appropriate roadmap is the responsible thing to do. And so is reaching your objectives on time.

As the new year is upon us, Wagerr investors are watching and holding the team accountable.

Realized development has always been the biggest gamble.

The chips are in play now...

The turn and river cards are in the air about to hit the felt...

Everything is at stake.

Will Wagerr take it all?

There's no middle ground with Wagerr. It will be a Giant or it won't. 

Realized development not coinholder faith is the key for Wagerr in 2018.

We will release our new projections for Wagerr in the next 30 to 90 days.

We still believe that the ceiling for Wagerr is a top ten position at CoinMarketCap, but it will take a carefully managed development process to get there. We need more proof that this team can orchestrate that.

How big do they want to grow this?

And how long will it take them to achieve it.

There's a lot at stake, and the next 30 days are crucial.