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Wagerr's technical team has been methodically pursuing each step of their development roadmap, as they work diligently towards the release of the Wagerr sports betting blockchain this fall. However, that has not stopped them from taking "wagers". Sports betting is their passion, so it makes sense that they would accept bets on the August 26th McGregor Mayweather superfight in Las Vegas. With 3 days remaining until the event, Wagerr Crypto Currency owners have already placed over 1 Million Wagerr coins (WGR) at risk on this fight. For coin owners, that means regardless of the outcome thousands of Wagerr coins will be removed from circulation through the burning process called "value coupling". Learn more about this concept as it is discussed in the Wagerr review videos on our website. These coins that are burned decrease the amount of currency in circulation leading to more scarcity and encourage the increase of Wagerr (WGR) coin prices. 1 Million+ Wagerr risked as of Aug 23rd is amazing considering the Wagerr blockchain is still being developed for 4th Quarter release in 2017. Development is evolving on schedule.

UPDATE 08/23/17: Coin Owners Have Risked Over 1 Million Wagerr (WGR) On The McGregor Mayweather Fight