UPDATE 08/27/17: Mayweather Won, ...And So Did A Majority Of Wagerr Bettors!

I can't believe Mayweather's historic 50 fight career has potentially come to a close, and that it has taken 50 fights for me to form this realization. The only person that ever makes easy money in a Mayweather fight is Floyd Mayweather. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. The linesmakers have taken away the potential to profit on Floyd over the years, and have left average everyday "Joes" to root on his opponents. This fight was no different. Mayweather opened up at -10000, where bettors were asked to lay $10,000 to win a hundred bucks... who does that? Eventually the lines got more credible and the oddsmakers settled in on Mayweather -550 where bettors were required to risk $550 to win $100. And for the average Joe if they have $550, I just think they are more apt to buy a case of beer, some pizza and wings, and drop a hunsky on the pay per view fight, and save $400 rather than risk it for just $100. This is what the linesmakers have done to the common man for years with Mayweather, because they deny bettors the opportunity to capitalize on what we all know now. Mayweather wins. Period. We may not like him, or we may love him, but regardless of who we are and how we feel about him we have to respect him.

That's what kept me from taking a side in the fight. I respected both fighters, and just couldn't find any value in the price they were offering to bet on either side. Time and time again, the odds to back Mayweather's opponents have been very attractive 5 or 10 to 1, depending on the fight, or more. And the payout odds always look attractive because the fighters in the ring with Mayweather are qualified enough for you to think maybe there's a way they can win. Conor McGregor was younger, with a longer reach. McGregor is a physical specimen and he fights with heart, often times pursuing his opponents as he chases victory down relentlessly each time... bloodied but never defeated. He had the tools on paper... but all of Mayweather's opponents have it on paper. The linesmakers pay you to take the other side... the losing side. For a 50 fight career that has been the case.

The "house" and the rich "whales" that can afford to drop a million dollars on Mayweather to earn $180,000 made money on his win last night, but even they sweat it out... It's only Mayweather that wins easy money in his fights. So easy he was fishing for sportsbooks on the Vegas strip to take his action before the fight. Tens of millions of dollars in fight earnings was not enough... he wanted to get some "Money" in play on himself before the fight... Unbelievable.

The only question now is whether "Money" Mayweather stays retired from that easy money that he makes in the fight game... And, I guess there is the 2nd question... Is there any amount of goading and trash talking that McGregor can do to bait Mayweather into a UFC Octagon match. We all know how much money that fight would draw. McGregor is opportunistic and ambitious... can he bait Mayweather into that? Could Mayweather enter the cage and come out with the money and a 1-0 UFC record to add to his 50-0 boxing record? Or is that more than he can chew? For someone who makes it look so easy, will he back away from that challenge? I guess there are a few questions left after all. But with Mayweather it comes down to the money. He's always retired until the money says he's not.

On our front, Wagerr bettors indeed risked over a million Wagerr (WGR) on this fight, and there were plenty of bettors who knew this lesson and backed Mayweather. A majority (over 60%) took him to the bank. But considering you had to risk 100% of your bankroll to increase your Wagerr holdings by 18% (because of the sharp Vegas lines/price) I just couldn't do it. I knew better than to oppose Mayweather. But Wagerr has such a bright future in store. There are some crypto coins, like Litecoin for example, that don't have a service that they are associated with. Coins that are valued at $50+ a coin right now, that aren't assets. Their claim to fame is they are stores of value, currencies that you can pay with and thats all. But relative to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies they don't offer a solution to a problem. They don't offer coin buyers a reason to own them. There's no "need" or "want" when it comes to many crypto coins and yet, in a global marketplace people still buy those coins, and have driven them towards the prices they hold today. Imagine what a true asset like Wagerr can become in price. A coin like Wagerr that actually participates in it's own $400 billion dollar industry, where users need and want to own the coin to use the service. A coin that has it's circulation managed through value coupling to increase it's price over time along with that natural demand. Imagine a coin like Wagerr following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, who they say could eventually be worth $100 Grand a coin. The Wagerr Coin is poised to surpass those $100+ crypto coins that are just copies of other coins. Investors that learn about Wagerr are going to love Wagerr as a store of value or a way to earn healthy profits because it is everything those other coins are and more. So to risk 100% of my stake in Wagerr to earn an 18% return... I couldn't do it. Big props to those who did though. There were plenty of smart guys using the Wagerr platform that woke up happy this morning. The real return isn't on betting Mayweather last night though... it's on backing Wagerr, the coin and the service. When the world discovers Wagerr, the sky is the limit.

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