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UPDATE 09/04/17: Our Updated Wagerr Forecast For September 2017

All indications are that Wagerr is poised to cycle in price where it is for the next 1-3 weeks, which is good news for buyers. We originally forecasted a 2-4 week period (ending around Sept 23/24) of the best pricing on the Wagerr Coin before the launch of the wallet and Wagerr sports betting application which is imminent now within the coming few weeks. A development update is slated for September 15th which will provide more insight on the release timeline.

At the moment though Wagerr is buoyed by heavy buying, and limited by a smaller quantity of high volume trading type sale transactions. These sales have established a current ceiling of about 10 cents per coin approximately, as they lower the price. Heavy purchasing builds resilience and the coin has been rallying from lows in the 8's to highs in the upper 9's for several days.

There is no indication that this will stop though the demand levels we see could help the price break through nearing all time highs of 13 cents on their own. Regardless, when the sports betting application releases soon, the prices are going to respond accordingly. We're still forecasting a jump to 17-27 cents a coin fairly easily though it could be more or less obviously. The amount of demand at present is very encouraging. It's drawing a lot of interest after running return on investment, ROI  of 125% over a  6 week period that ended August 26th. The return on investment at that time exceeded all 4 of the Big 4 coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Litecoin.

With the downturn in the cryptocurrency market today 9/4/17 all major currencies are in the red. Wagerr is a great buy at 10 cents or less. It's an absolute steal under 8 cents! This continues to be a phenomenal time to buy Wagerr.

Stay tuned!