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UPDATE 09/05/17: Down Market Got You Down? Not With Wagerr!

Back on August 28th, we did an update and I acknowledged Ethereum being inflated in my opinion. It's not that I am down on Ethereum or dismissive of Ethereum. It's just that in the cryptocurrency market there are literally hundreds of coins propelled by nothing more than potential and hype. And unfortunately at this time Ethereum is just one coin. Industry analysts made it out to be a substantially better coin than Bitcoin back when it had it's first run up to $400. And at the time I agreed with the concept of it being a better coin because of it's useage with ICO's and the ability to work with applications in the future. Yet as I mentioned back on August 28th, to be that world changing coin you need a huge infrastructure. Ethereum is just not there yet. It will take many months if not years to build the coordination necessary to make Ethereum successful. Ethereum vs Bitcoin right now is not even close. Ethereum doesn't really have an application right now to support it in the same way Bitcoin does. Bitcoin has the application of risk free anonymous funding for offshore sportsbook and casino gambling companies. Bitcoin is funding the entire online gambling industry. Ethereum can't say that. I predicted Ethereum's retraction previously, and back on the 28th, only a week ago I acknowledged Ethereum as inflated and bloated and that I felt it would be a slow go in becoming what they want it to be. I am not at all surprised it is retracting heavily again today 9/4/17. Coinmarketcap shows Ethereum at $277 as of 12:13am ET on 9/5/17. That is down 31% of it's value in the days since we mentioned the inflation in our update when it was approaching $400 a coin. I made the point that people were enamored with Ethereum and were already forgetting what had occurred only 60 days prior when it lost over half of it's value.

The phenomenon with Ethereum is one of the exciting parts of cryptocurrency in that the entire market sees huge returns regardless of whether the returns are justified or not. That means you can make short term profits on almost any coin... they are all going up! More importantly though, if you have a coin with a real application, that solves a real industry problem... a coin with real utilization beneath the potential and hype, you have the recipe for an almost guaranteed win. That is the case with Wagerr.

Consequently, during this market downturn, Wagerr is off pace but nowhere near the rest of the market. Having that underlying application and utilization keeps a strong core value within it that in theory, it should not lose. It was trading and cycling from 8 cents to 10 cents over the last few days. We believe that will continue heading up towards the Sports Betting Application release in these coming weeks and then expect a significant jump from there. The down market has not affected Wagerr. It's value is secure and it is presently priced just under 8 cents per coin, which really is a steal for this coin. Prices under 10 cents for Wagerr are phenomenal. Get them while you can by all means!

Downturns in market are a good tool for the cryptocurrency industry though we don't get excited about them. They are the result of mass inflation. It's this same inflation that creates the huge profit potential in every crypto coin. When the market turns south, it's interesting to see the percentage of value lost and how quickly. That can give you a relative idea of how inflated each coin is. Wagerr is holding steadfast. While Wagerr owners may be lacking confidence seeing so much red on the board for other coins, it's not because of fear with Wagerr. When the market rebounds soon, look for Wagerr to bounce from the floor of 8 cents upwards again to 10 cents and potentially higher. The demand for Wagerr has been supporting this range since the high of 13-14 cents on August 26th. We still anticipate a  jump in price to 17-27 cents per coin upon release of the Sports Betting Application. If that happens, Wagerr will land on page 1 at Coinmarketcap and begin it's ascension. The increase in price could actually go much higher, as global demand is unpredictable. As we see in many coins, prices can go higher in a hurry! Wagerr is poised for tremendous success in the near term. Make sure you are taking advantage of prices that may never be available again. We are looking forward to going head to head with coins like Ethereum and Litecoin that just dont have the underlying application like Wagerr, or the underlying support of a 400 Billion dollar US industry / Trillion dollar global industry.