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UPDATE 09/07/17: This Is What Dominance Looks Like

Trading cryptocurrency daily for profit, and holding cryptocurrency long term as an investment really are two entirely different philosophies. Trading is by nature somewhat less stressful although any investing can be stressful. But there is just a calm or peace that comes from the truth that exists in numbers. You are up or you are down in any moment and you take action accordingly. With trading you know where you are in each second. It's all about putting your value in the best vehicle to grow it and to transition that value into the next vehicle to take you on towards additional profit. There's no commitment to any one coin or to any one project. The market and your potential to profit is the wind that carries you onwards and upwards.

Holding cryptocurrency as a long term investment is entirely different though. It's almost like raising a child or starting your own business. You often review the opportunity in it's earliest stage, do your research and if you believe enough in it's future, you commit to invest. Your commitment is usually an extended one over time. You want to see your own success and you want the project to succeed because you believed in it. When others laud the potential of their project or coin, its natural to want to compare with yours. It's very similar to starry eyed parents thinking about the potential of their children. We have to be careful not to see the world through rose colored glasses though. And that is why as long term holders, it's helpful to look at our investments the way traders do... through charts and numbers.

This chart was taken from CryptoCurrencyChart.com and it is the most important type of chart used to measure the success and health of investments. Because different coins are at different stages of development and price or market cap... so return on investment is a balancer that levels the field for analysis. It offers the fairest comparison for how cryptocurrency coins are performing relative to each other. We ran this chart to today, from July 14th, 2017. That was the day that we created the Wagerr Cryptocurrency Review Video on our home page. We also opened up the comparison to the strongest four betting related competitors of Wagerr: Stox, Peerplays, Edgeless and Augur. These are coins that in most cases are further along in their development process, have larger market caps, higher prices per coin and higher rankings at Coinmarketcap.com.

Here is the data on those points as of today 09/07/17:

Augur (Ranked: 31 of 1106) (Price Per Coin: $23.67) (Asset: YES) (Market Cap: $259.6 Million)

"Welcome to the future of forecasting. Augur combines the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network to create a stunningly accurate forecasting tool - and the chance for real money trading profits"

***It's a forecasting tool. Market for this tool is yet to be defined. Competing with Stox. Currently in Beta mode.***

Edgeless (Ranked: 79 of 1106) (Price Per Coin: $0.67) (Asset: YES) (Market Cap: $54.7 Million)

"First Etherium Based Casino. Experience fully transparent and 0% edge gambling online"

***Edgeless focuses on blackjack, dice, poker, and sports betting in that order. Likely first to market in blackjack. Market is the multi billion dollar global casino gambling market. Still in development.***

Stox (Ranked: 102 of 1106) (Price Per Coin: $1.19) (Asset: YES) (Market Cap: $35.1 Million)

"The future of prediction markets. Using the wisdom of the crowd, every day people will be able to predict and trade the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category: finance, sports, politics and even the weather"

***Once again, it's a forecasting tool. Market for this tool is yet to be defined. Competing with Augur. In Beta mode which they call "Alpha".***

Peerplays (Ranked: 134 of 1106) (Price Per Coin: $6.06) (Asset: NO) (Market Cap: $22.7 Million)

"Peerplays is the world's first peer to peer betting platform built entirely on top of a live blockchain."

***Peerplays hosts apps on it's blockchain. When you go to their website, in 2017 they had their test net up in April with a rock paper scissors game. Their roadmap says they will have an "on-chain sports betting exchange" called Peerplays Bookie for release in Nov 2017. Their focus is to create many applications on their chain, with "Bookie" being the application to compete with Wagerr. Unlike the other 5 coins, it is only a currency and not an asset. Market yet to be determined because their applications focus is less clear.*** ...personal opinion... Who wants a Bookie?

Wagerr (Ranked: 173 of 1106) (Price Per Coin: $0.08) (Asset: YES) (Market Cap: $14.3 Million)

"Wagerr is a decentralized sportsbook that changes the way the world bets on sports."

***Straight and to the point, Wagerr is the only asset in these top 5 coins that jumps straight into decentralized sports betting... the industry that built Bitcoin on it's back. As Bitcoin was implemented across an entire global industry of online sportsbooks, the industry demand from sportsbook users built Bitcoin into a viable currency that was explored and exploited by investors for profit. Wagerr is the closest model to duplicate the Bitcoin path. Currency... Sports Betting Application... Utilization... Financial Viability... Foreward Looking Investment... Global Investment... Acceptance. Leverage a 400 Billion Dollar US industry / Trillion Dollar global industry, throw in techniques like "value coupling" and a team that knows what they are doing in terms of coin management, and you have a recipe for explosive growth. Wagerr is currently in development. Test net release imminent. Peer to peer betting launch 4th Quarter 2017.***

So that's a brief synopsis. Of these coins, only Wagerr is focused specifically on the sports betting industry that grew the Bitcoin currency on it's back. Wagerr is the coin with the best cost to entry right now at .08 cents a coin. Wagerr really is the only one that is poised for explosive growth. Augur and Stox are forecasting tools where you can bet with other users about global events, but that is a mostly new type of market that needs to be defined. Users need to be told about the merits of these platforms and shown the value. With Wagerr, you bet on sports. Inherently people know the value of sports betting and they are in. Peerplays is creating apps like rock scissors paper and others for use on their chain. They have a Bookie application to launch Nov 2017. Bookies were out of style in the 90's. Offshore sportsbooks replaced them, and Wagerr replaces offshore sportsbooks. I'm not convinced about Peerplays. I am convinced that $6 a coin tells you something immediately about Wagerr's value. Do not sell short on Wagerr! I know there are going to be some coin holders that are going to be tempted to sell themselves short on Wagerr and take early profits when Wagerr becomes a $6 coin, but the writing is on the wall. Peerplays test net launched in April 2017.  Wagerr's launches in 30 days approximately give or take. We're talking about 6 months difference. Except when our test net launches it will be for fully functional sports betting not rock scissors paper. The growth that Wagerr is poised for is breathtaking. $6 a coin is just change in your sofa cushions. Bitcoin shows the path, and the top 20 coins show you whats possible. Many of those $100+ top 20 coins are not even assets. They dont hold a candle to Wagerr in terms of customer utilization once Wagerr launches. And when customer utilization launches, investor demand is poised to be substantial.

So where are we at with Wagerr on September, 7th, 2017. Exactly where we forecasted. We advised a price retreat would happen as Wagerr resumed development and moved away from the McGregor Mayweather fight August 26th. Wagerr had been at all time highs even with limited functionality and an application still in development. Prices of 13 to 14 cents have given way to 8-10 cents. The coin's value has cycled in this range because of several factors related to trading, profit taking after the fight, lack of betting options during development, etc. There still is heavy selling pressure being observed, because trader funds locked into Wagerr right now are dormant. While other coins are potentially going up in value, Wagerr is on development pause. Traders are unwilling to sell Wagerr coins they own for less than 7 cents a coin, where they would take losses. A resulting price below 7 cents, by the way, would cause a fury of buying and Wagerr would return to the 8 to 10 cent range inevitably. So instead, traders are allowing the heavy buying of Wagerr to increase price to 8 or 9 cents before selling, as they try to move value out of the development pause towards other coins where activity is happening in the present. That is why Wagerr continues to cycle. We expected this and said from the beginning that there would be a 3 to 4 week period where Wagerr owners could buy the coin at the best prices that they would ever see again, and that is where we are at now. But once Test Net launches, and honestly before that, even the traders are going to want to bring value back into the Wagerr coin, and you are likely to see that overnight wave of price increases into the 17 to 27 cent range or higher fairly quickly. It can happen overnight... and it may actually happen overnight. That day is coming. From there though, as we have seen with the $6 value of Peerplays who does not even have a sports betting application presently... the value of Wagerr is going up. Now is the time, as we have been saying for a couple weeks, to get yourself in position as much as you can responsibly.

The chart at the top of this update is for return on investment. Wagerr dominated all of these coins in July, and then in August as well. In September as things seemed to have slowed down for Wagerr, they slowed down for the other coins as well. Once Wagerr launches Test Net and the sports betting application, ladies and gentleman, you wont be able to find Wagerr on this chart any longer. It will be so high on investment return that it will leave these critters in the dust.

Get ready!