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UPDATE 09/08/17: The Core Strength In Wagerr Is Visible Even Now While In Development

Down market days do offer you a different perspective about investments. It's nice to compare just how much "sway" coins are susceptible to in the winds of a down market. In other words, when outside forces intervene and a market turns red, does the investment get blown around a bit, or tossed about in the chaos of the moment? Or instead, does the investment seem firmly rooted and confident? This is not to criticize any coin by any means. There are pages and pages of coins in the red today. And frankly, moments turn. A new day will begin tomorrow and it's likely these coins will "turn a page" and return to the green... recapturing the ground that they lost today. But since these coins are all in the betting market it makes an interesting comparison on an off market day.

So this is just a single moment today. These snapshots were taken at 3:50pm ET US, on 09/08/2017. It is an off day across the board though you can see Wagerr is strong, and very confident. It had notched out a gain for the day at this moment in time despite the markets turning over as they have. It's just business as usual for Wagerr. The other thing I will point to is the 7 day chart. Every other currency spent the first 3 days in a pronounced almost synchronized trend downward. Wagerr on the other hand, performed the way it is performing today... in a level cycle. It's balanced and on task regardless of what is going on around it. The cycle that it has been in is a byproduct of hidden demand. After the Mayweather McGregor fight there have been many people selling to "withdraw" their winnings. The Wagerr Coin is still in development, so there's no one buying to place new bets at this time. Wagerr is not taking bets on anything at this time. So this is a downward selling pressure (these withdrawals/sales) that all four of the other coins do not have to contend with at this time. Only Bitcoin is "live" in terms of it's participation in the sports betting and gambling industries right now, and plenty of games are going on right now at offshore sportsbooks and online casinos. Bettors are buying Bitcoin in order to deposit. That is compensating for any that are selling Bitcoin at withdrawal. With all of the unique selling pressure that Wagerr alone faces, it should be at a disadvantage right now on an off day. But there is a core strength hidden there in those modest level returns. If Wagerr's sports betting application were post development today, and if Wagerr were already "live", the gains would be more substantial, escalating and not level. It just so happens that the selling pressure of those withdraws is hiding at present a growing demand for Wagerr. There is a strength there beneath the surface. It's the same strength that is keeping it up and level regardless of outside or market influences. There is not a lot of time left before Wagerr launches it's sports betting application in 4th Quarter 2017, but the demand is building and should support price increases very nicely in the coming days and weeks.