UPDATE 09/12/17: Peerplays Heading Upwards Seemingly On Momentum From HelmBet?

This is an update but it may sound like opinion... Peerplays has added a little separation between itself and Wagerr this morning, although Wagerr is heading upwards as well. Peerplays seemingly has nothing going on except HelmBet.com and today's Beta launch of the HelmBet application. The official HelmBet RPS video on YouTube is a 30 second rock scissors paper promo that they jazz up and try to make exciting. I just can't buy into this one. But seemingly that's enough to propel them onwards and upwards. We really need the Wagerr development release so we can benefit from some of this type of momentum.

As of 6:44am ET, US... the HelmBet.com site is not up yet for further information. Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more details.

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