UPDATE 09/14/17:  Wagerr Is Moving Upwards And Investors Are Taking Action

Wagerr has been on very solid footing since it's ICO at the end of June, and especially over the last 2 months in particular.

Wagerr had a 6 week period during the run up to the Mayweather McGregor fight where it's return on investment led the "Big Four" coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple & Litecoin.

Wagerr also weathered the post Mayweather McGregor fight "development pause" and actually returned the least loss of 5 betting related coins (Stox, Peerplays, Augur, Edgeless, and Bitcoin)  from September 1-9.

The last couple weeks have offered many days of down markets for coins across the board. Yet time and time again Wagerr, one of the youngest and least developed coins on paper, outperformed significantly more established coins, by having either negligible losses or substantial gains during periods when the vast majority of other crypto coins were in the red. This strength has been a tribute to Wagerr's inherent value.

This stability and strength comes from it's strong potential, and the fact that it is extremely underpriced at the moment relative to what it can become. Experienced traders and investors know that everything in this industry is timing. Many of them pulled away from Wagerr and sold a portion of their coins, either to withdraw their Mayweather winnings, or to trade in other coins while Wagerr was still in development. Yet with all of the sell pressure Wagerr has faced, it has continued to have a very determined stance, generally tracking evenly or upwards over time, because of it's own heavy and consistent purchases that are taking place.

As we approach the "Development Update" on September 15th, there has been a noticeable increase in volume and size of purchases. We expected a lot of investors to bring money back into the coin in advance of rising prices and that has been the case. The last 2 days have seen Wagerr dominating other coins, with 24 hour gains of 8% to 48% depending on the moment in time. This no less has been during a down market when everything on the board has been in the red.

We made a projection 2 days ago that Wagerr would overtake Peerplays by the end of the month. Wagerr passed Peerplays within 2 days, and if Wagerr's growth continues as it has been over the last 48 hours there will be a significant increase in it's ranking at CoinMarketCap.com.

We projected 3-4 weeks of the best prices that would be seen for Wagerr, and that period is coming to a close. It began immediately following the Mayweather fight August 26th, and 3 weeks ends September 15th. We expect positive news from the development update regardless of the specific timeline they give. We expect the price of Wagerr to continue rising over the next 36 hours in anticipation of the update.

After the development update, we expect the price of Wagerr to be impacted in much the same way that Edgeless saw increases after it's recent development update. The strength of the increase depends on the strength of the information released to coin owners about the development process. Wagerr's development team has been doing the work, and they are likely on target or close. The outcome for either scenario means price appreciation and increased demand for the coin. We estimated a 4th week not knowing exactly when the development update would come. They actually are a week ahead of our expectations in terms of holding this update.

All of the price increases related to the development update though will simply cement Wagerr in it's rightful position because it is underpriced as long as it is under 10 cents a coin. We have been forecasting 17 cents to 27 cents when the application goes live, but Wagerr could realistically find that range simply based on the market and demand between the development update and the eventual development release. If that happens pre development release, Wagerr is poised to approach one dollar per coin potentially within the first two to four weeks after (depending on the increase it sees prior to launch). These are really exciting times for everyone involved in Wagerr. We are becoming quite the community of coin owners. When the sports betting blockchain service launches, it will be interesting to see how many of us sign up as affiliates. The affiliate program is going to reward each of us exponentially because every client we bring in expands the market cap of the coin as clients buy Wagerr to bet with. In addition the added client activity means more Wagerr burned, more scarcity and higher coin price. Plus on top of that, they are likely going to pay the affiliates. If Wagerr's development team makes the affiliate program inclusive and easy to qualify for, it's only going to grow the client base even faster. We all saw how the coin price jumped during the Mayweather lead up. That type of appreciation will happen continually as the betting grows.

If you've been on the outside looking in on Wagerr, this is the time to give due consideration and make a decision. Prices are escalating and unpredictable. The best time to buy is likely right now.

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