DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 09/15/17: Possibilities

The Wagerr Team has scheduled their next Development News Release for September 15, 2017.

It's likely that they will begin to pencil in deadlines, even if they are flexible ones. We are approaching the end of Quarter 3 at the end of this month, and Test Net was scheduled for release Late 3rd Quarter (this month). So it's time to find out how close we are.

I imagine that there is a chance that the deadlines could be pushed back into early Quarter 4. I also imagine they could feel confident enough about where they are presently to commit to the end of the month as scheduled. Either way, I expect the information revealed in this meeting to be very positive. In business, problems are opportunities. In their case, problems present them with opportunities to show their commitment to coin holders. The biggest problem the team has had thus far was in payout errors to some bettors who wagered on the Mayweather McGregor fight. But those errors fell favorably on the side of the bettors/coin holders. The team overpaid beyond what they were supposed to payout. They learned the mistake & held themselves accountable for it. The Wagerr Team looked at it as a development lesson and they moved on.

For coin holders though, it gave us an opportunity to see the character that they execute their business with. When they are on target, and things are going great everyone is happy. But if they make a mistake, they generally do the right thing and you can count on them for that.

Without having any direct knowledge of what they will communicate to coin owners in this upcoming development meeting, I do still have a strong feeling that they are on target or close, and that they have some surrounding developments that will also build equity for coin holders. I think dates will come into play, and I think that in general this meeting is going to be a milestone that leaves mostly everyone feeling very positive.

I also believe that it is going to create a closing window of current pricing.

The Wagerr Coin has been cycling in this 7-8 to 10 cent range for about 2 weeks now. We had forecasted 3 to 4 weeks of the best possible prices and this phase will end. These dates, when they present them, should effectively create a pricing window where coin owners can anticipate an upswing in demand/price that coincides with the upswing in development that is taking place. This means the opportunity to get Wagerr Coins 10 for a dollar is going to be over soon.

There's a huge difference between 10 for a dollar, and 5 for a dollar in terms of everyones ability to position themselves for the long ride. Once the current window closes and we reach that next level in price there will be joy that the train is picking up speed. However there will also be urgency to make the most of the time you have left, as price continues to escalate. Wagerr still has a lot of development path until it is fully completed according to the roadmap. That should mean plenty of time to continue buying in to Wagerr. But the prices are going to go up at each milestone.

Once the sports betting application is operational and being utilized, even in it's earliest configuration, it is going to draw the attention of global investors that have been until now sitting on the sidelines. At a dollar a coin, Wagerr will be catapulted to the top 50 on Coinmarketcap (first page). The simple act of bringing clients in that are buying Wagerr to bet with is going to increase the market cap just as it did for those 6 weeks when Wagerr outperformed all the top coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum leading up to the Mayweather fight. People are going to take notice, and will become interested. That is why the Wagerr concept is so intriguing. It's the kind of "machine" that can take time to launch while everyone grows impatient, and then have success beyond your wildest dreams in a heartbeat, before you know what hit you. So small milestones in development count. Each step forward is still one step, but the shoe is getting bigger so to speak, and the distance you are covering with each step is getting longer.

It's possible that some may try to buy in prior to the development meeting to ensure the best price for themselves. If that becomes a trend the price of Wagerr could launch in the next few days in anticipation of the information being released. However the cryptocurrency market has been down a bit lately and I don't think most will run forward into any situation... but you never know. I do think it's a possibility, but I also believe the price is going to head upward on word from the development team regardless of the specifics they offer. I think what they say will determine how high and how quickly it increases. The main thing is they have been doing the work and we are getting close. That will affect the price. In my opinion things are about to get exciting. As an aside, I think there is a very strong chance that Wagerr overtakes Peerplays in market cap before the end of the month, depending on the momentum gained from the development information that is released. Not a guarantee by any means... but definitely something to watch for. The following graph is courtesy of and is a Market Cap comparison of Wagerr and Peerplays for the last 6 weeks. Wagerr had actually surpassed Peerplays in market cap during the Mayweather fight, but once the fight was over and people began withdrawing, the numbers retreated somewhat. If Wagerr's sportsbetting application had been live during this time, the market cap #'s would have been higher and continued escalating as clients continued wagering on new events. Peerplays has lost over half of it's market cap during this time and even the development news being released on 9/15 is likely enough momentum to carry Wagerr over Peerplays.

Stay tuned!

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