UPDATE 09/20/17:  ROI Report (Mid September 2017), Top 10 Coins + Top 5 Betting Coins

Wagerr Still Showing How To Battle In A Down Market

We have two main goals here at Wagerr.Review. The first is to remain unbiased. We want to present Wagerr in a true and factual light. Our second goal is to help Wagerr owners or potential Wagerr owners make sense of the overwhelming amount of data and figures that exist on a day to day, minute to minute, second to second basis. Keeping up with that can be strenuous. So we try to narrow things down to the data that holds the most value for that moment. Which trends offer the most clarity?

Having said that, a quick disclosure is needed for this graph. Today is September 20th, but data is only available through the 17th at this time. The last 2 days have been mostly down days for the market, and Wagerr has not performed as well as it normally does, but the other coins have been off too. When the data becomes available and inclusive for 9/18 and 9/19, we will add that graph to this page. The additional data will help in comparison.

Still, this graph of September 1st through September 17th offers a clear view of 2 main trends.

#1: DEVELOPMENT creates growth.

September has been a terrible month with cryptocurrencies and these numbers really put it in perspective. The coins on display here are the Top 10 coins, plus the Top 5 "Betting Industry" coins. 14 out of 15 returned negative ROI's for the period. That shows you how brutal September has been.

Yet Edgeless stands tall with a +64.35% increase ROI.

There are no ways of softening those numbers if you are a Wagerr owner.

Those are the types of results we would like to see for ourselves.

A closer inspection of the graph tells the story. On September 11th, 2017, Wagerr was actually 1st for ROI, beating out all 10 Top coins and all of the Top 5 betting coins. Perfectly normal. Not a surprise at all, because Wagerr has been an excellent ROI coin in general... especially considering that it is still in development. Most importantly though, Wagerr has been crushing coins in ROI over down market periods. So ranking first out of 15 Top coins over the period is an honor but not surprising in the least.

But Edgeless began separating itself that morning...

Edgeless released evidence via their Facebook account of completed development programming for their platform, and then followed that up with the announcement that they would in fact launch the platform in September 2017.

It is that type of development milestone that will launch you above the fray.

Removing the noise of the other coins which you know are all down significantly over the period, you are left with the top 2 coins presently... Wagerr vs. Edgeless.

ROI for period 9/9/17 through 9/17/17:

Edgeless +118%

Wagerr essentially Even during a down period.

So the difference between scratching and clawing for success as Wagerr has done for 2.5 months (beating out everyone it could), and having next level success, will be the release of development proof and implementation. This is one reason we have decided that it is likely Wagerr will continue to offer a strong value in terms of price. After all it is competing and often dominating all comers. It has success against all of it's peers and against many Top 10 coins whether up market or down. But development release is the key to next level success. As Wagerr has recommitted itself to the development tasks that are in front of it, we will wait for our "Edgeless Moment". Until then it is likely that Wagerr's inherent value and competitiveness will continue to keep it's position strong, but it will likely be prevented from taking the next step in price until the development release is imminent. This means Wagerr investors can extend their position for a few weeks in the same price range that we have been in for the last 3-4.

#2: Wagerr Still Fights During Down Markets

Wagerr will go up against any coin in a down market period and odds are 10 to one in it's favor, it will hold more value over a period.

Monero, Bitcoin Cash & Dash have all been "sexy superstars" in terms of their ROI's depending on the period you are measuring. But in this down market period known as September 2017, all three have been 20-30%+ down. Excluding Edgeless, Wagerr ranked first for the period September 1 to September 17th for ROI... and thats against peers and all Top 10 coins.

Wagerr -9% for the period

Augur -37% for the period

Peerplays -43% for the period

Stox -53% for the period

So the key for Wagerr is to follow the Edgeless path that is now in front of you. Edgeless is a coin that is senior to Wagerr but developing as well. It is several months older than Wagerr and offers a glimpse of what can happen with Wagerr when it reaches it's milestones.

To use a poker analogy, "Position" is helpful, if you are willing to learn from it. We know what this industry did to create Bitcoin. That is why the Edgeless project and the Wagerr project tower so tall above other coins in general or even in the industry. Edgeless and Wagerr are the 2 most genuine gambling industry projects on the blockchain and they are both going first to market in their industries. Edgeless is showing you the financial success that comes when you are well positioned in a coin prior to a development launch. You see explosive growth. If we learn from that, the Wagerr team realizes Development should be their #1 priority. For Wagerr coin owners their #1 priority over the immediate weeks is to cement your final positions prior to launch.

Take advantage of the best pricing, and make hay while the sun is shining.

Any betting opportunities that Wagerr offers the general public will boost Market Cap and price short term. It will offer savvy bettors a chance to expand their Wagerr position if they are willing to take the risk.

But "Next level" growth, "Next level" price,  and "Next level" success only come from Development release!

Stay tuned to Wagerr.Review for more updates!

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