UPDATE 10/2/17:  Free T-Shirts In Our Wagerr.Review "Un-Official Wagerr Slogan" Contest!

A week ago or so, we made an announcement that we would reveal OUR "Un-Official Wagerr Slogan" the first day that Wagerr lands on the first page of CoinMarketCap.com. Well we decided to make it more interesting. Since Wagerr has some rallying to do to get there we thought we'd spice it up for fun.

The day that Wagerr first lands on page one at CoinMarketCap, we will create an article with instructions on how to participate in the contest. Visitors will be prompted to submit one guess each via email. And no we won't be saving your email for a newsletter or to sell you anything. Your email will strictly be used to communicate during the contest only. The contest will go for 24 hours or until the Team WGR Investor shirts are gone. At which time we will announce our "Un-Official Wagerr Slogan". Any one that guesses our suggested slogan that day will win a custom t-shirt while supplies last.

It may be a little early to talk about it... but it's always good to have positive thoughts there in the back of your mind. The key is everyone that owns Wagerr is a winner regardless when we land on the front page. We'll keep you posted!