UPDATE 10/22/17:  You Know What They Say... 

"Red Boards Equal Green ($$$) Opportunities"

Normally I might feel better about yesterday's altcoin bloodbath,  but given the timing of it for Wagerr, it is a bit frustrating. As you know I re-entered my position on 10/17/17 because of escalating traction in pricing. I wanted to stay ahead of any price increases. I was really looking forward to Wagerr coming out of the downturn it took after the September 30th development delays. Here are the ROI graphs from 10/14 to 10/21 (yesterday).

The important thing to notice is that Wagerr, even after yesterday's slaughter, is still up +11.02% NET this week in ROI, (return on investment). All other coins in this segment were negative. Also, this upward trend in ROI began around October 15th, 2017 where Wagerr really began pulling away from the other coins in the betting segment. It's peers all had proportionate losses on Saturday (10/21). The altcoin market in general took a beating.

So where do we go from here? It's the same situation as before. Wagerr has seen a lot of sell pressure alleviated, and can gain traction moving upwards away from its peers. There is still sell pressure in the 6 cent area. We expect that as Wagerr owners use this opportunity to expand their positions you will see price increases again gradually. That process, when it returns to the 6 cent range as it did on 10/20, will help to alleviate sell pressure in that range as well. Wagerr should be able to accomplish some notable increases in price over the next 4 weeks.

If you're looking to expand, it's another great opportunity to do so. The bottomline is that aside from market downturns like the one on 10/21, it is getting easier to see subtle appreciation now in the Wagerr price.

The biggest winner presently is the owner of the 25 Bitcoin Wagerr buy order in the Waves Exchange. The market downturn is helping them get the price they were looking for. Thus far it seems they were able to eat up a full Bitcoin worth of Wagerr, as their present order is now for 24.08 Bitcoin. 

Wagerr Gaining Traction In Price This Week - *Charts Provided By CryptoCurrencyChart.com

If you have hopes of expanding your position, now is the time to buy!

Beat the Whales to the punch! 

The value and the timing is now.