WAGERR 2018:  Predictions, Forecasts & Price Analysis

Wagerr is "cresting" above an explosion of growing demand.

This is the same hidden demand that we have been acknowledging for the last 4 months.

The demand for Wagerr has been growing and "hidden" for the most part, as short term investors were purged from the community. Those sellers drove the market for several weeks pressing Wagerr coin price to a floor of 5 cents. In doing so they were eventually replaced by the large investors that they attracted. Long term investors that are enthusiastic about Wagerr's growth potential over the next 2-7 years began buying in heavy while showing the short term investors (sellers) to the door. This type of long term investor is expanding their position and is not selling. Now that the Wagerr community as a whole is composed of proportionately more long term investors, the coin price has been rising. The demand that had been hidden is becoming more and more obvious as there just are no longer enough sellers to suppress price. What we expect to see over the next 90 days will be strong, substantial, upward movement. Wagerr is getting ready to evolve from up and comer to front runner.

Get ready for phenomenal growth over the next 90 days, and the entire 2018 year!

On September 23rd, 2017, we forecast Wagerr as a first page coin at CoinMarketCap, and we told you to "Bet on it!". We're excited to tell you that in our opinion Wagerr is not far from achieving that milestone. 

Some of our previous predictions since June 2017 were:

1.) That Bitcoin would awaken as a sleeping "Giant" to regain it's lost market cap and push even higher. At the time Bitcoin had fallen from an all time high of $3,000 downwards to $2,100. Within 2 days of our projection it rebounded to highs of $4,500 and eventually the year end close near $15,000.

2.) We predicted Wagerr would overtake Stox and Peerplays which it has done.

3.) We begged coinholders to take advantage of low prices as Wagerr fell from 13 cents to 8 cents to 4.8 cents. We virtually guaranteed appreciation even while fud surrounded us. As you know, Wagerr exploded from 5 cents to 65 cents (x13, 1300%) over the last 2 months.

4.) We promised Wagerr was a first page coin at CoinMarketCap, and asked coinholders to "Bet" on it. Well Wagerr has not arrived there yet, but our modeling shows it will be a first page coin in 90 days. We'll elaborate in a moment. We planned to do a t-shirt contest, but have decided to hold off on that for now as we move that t-shirt plan towards marketing efforts/new accounts when the affiliate program opens. What we are going to do for the Wagerr investor community is release our "UnOfficial Wagerr Slogan" the moment Wagerr arrives first page. You guys are going to love it and you are going to be laughing on your way to the bank!

5.) We also pointed out when sportsbooks that were "early Bitcoin adopters" started their push to accept Alt-Coins not long ago. Since then, a doubling of the Overall MarketCap has followed. Alt-Coin investment is through the roof and that is extremely good news for Wagerr.

I know what your asking though... What about 2018?


Here is our Price Analysis, Predictions & Forecasts for Wagerr in 2018 /// UPDATED 2-15-18

1.) Wagerr rises 50+ positions or more in the next 9 days...

(Result: Prediction Mostly Hit. Wagerr did vault 40 positions from 190 to 150 in the first two weeks of January, though it's momentum was stopped because the January 15th development milestone was eventually delayed.)

*Bonus Prediction: "This has already started... 70 cent Wagerr is already in your rear view mirror... React accordingly."

(Result: Hit. Wagerr increased from 63 cents at the time of our predictions / forecasts... up to a peak of $1.03)

2.) Wagerr is poised for an immediate 2x or 3x increase. We see prices for Wagerr in the range of $1.23, $1.48, $1.87 range. Wagerr's demand has always been very resilient and determined. At the low end, we feel a jump to $1.23 will not hold as enthusiasm eventually pushes it higher. We feel $1.48 to $1.87 is the true range for Wagerr by close of January 2018.

(Result: Miss. Our models showed Wagerr reaching $1.23 at the low end if development milestones were reached on time, and the momentum would carry it in to the $1.48 to $1.87 range by end of month. We did predicate everything on DEVELOPMENT and the Wagerr team reaching milestones on time. Unfortunately January 15th came and went. The Wagerr team was not successful in launching their mainnet/testnet as promised. Instead the milestone was pushed back to February 16th. On January 1st before we ever released our predictions that were dependent on development success, we reminded people that relative to the platform's progress, Wagerr was becoming overpriced for the first time and we feared bubble potential if Wagerr development does not come through for investors. We witnessed the bubble fully as Wagerr lost over 80% of it's price dropping from a high of $1.03, and plummeting to 19 cents per coin. The current WGR price has moved upward on the strength of potential, but still risks significant retraction if the February 16th deadline misses the mark.) To see our original article about our concerns of a Wagerr bubble, See That article HERE...

3.) Wagerr overtakes Edgeless by Valentine's Day 2018 in terms of CoinMarketCap ranking.

(Result: Hit. Wagerr overtook Edgeless as we projected... but not through the strength of development as we hoped it would. Instead Wagerr surpassed Edgeless by Valentine's Day via simply holding it's value better in a down market. This success was a reflection more of the Wagerr coin holders/coin owners than of anything that the Wagerr development team did. It just shows there is still demand for the Wagerr project though it is now significantly tapered by those who are taking a "wait and see" approach. Lack of communication and transparency plus missed/delayed development milestones is holding this coin back in terms of price. If Wagerr does not meet the new February 16th milestone as promised, Wagerr's price will retract and WGR will lose the ground it made up during a down market, as other coins advance in the coming upmarket. All of these predictions relied on Wagerr's development success and so far investors are still waiting for launch.)


4.) Wagerr arrives 1st Page of CoinMarketCap during the 1st Quarter of 2018. We expect it in the last 2 weeks of March, though it could be sooner. (Prediction result still open pending successful development milestones being reached)

5.) Wagerr has an easy x2 or x3 in it after it hits main page. Alt-Coin investment is mainstream now as institutional investors are looking to put their money everywhere for strong returns. Look for Wagerr to catch "lightning in a bottle" while still in development due to greater exposure. We feel $3.73 by end of March is modest. We also feel $6 Wagerr by June 1st is modest. The amount of Alt-Coin investment combined with Wagerr's strong demand could contribute to these targets being reached much sooner than you expect.(Prediction result still open pending successful development milestones being reached)

We feel very strongly about these projections.

They are dependent on Wagerr's development team showing an ability to complete incremental development milestones on time. Their success is investor success. 

Longterm, Wagerr is still extremely underpriced and undervalued. As Wagerr continues rocketing upwards, as it will, it's crucial that Wagerr's development team stays on schedule. If they do there is no limit to Wagerr's price potential in upcoming years.  

Although 2018 is still a development year, we feel Wagerr should close the year above $10 per coin.

It's 2019 that we expect Wagerr's rise into the stratosphere. As we have been saying since day one... the urgency is now. If you're not already "locked in" with your position, you need to be. Get in front of the coming waves of appreciation by purchasing your Wagerr now. Exponential profit over the next few years is possible!

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