WAGERR OVERVIEW:  The Mechanics Of Wagerr

Think about this for a moment.

Wagerr ICO participants and early investors hoard their coins... meaning they basically take them out of the betting circulation. The Wagerr Sports Betting Blockchain Application launches. Users come aboard, and begin buying from the available pool of remaining coins.

They place wagers.

The rule of thumb in the industry as a whole is that more people lose than win on any given game or any given day. So over time that means more people need to redeposit after a loss than need to withdraw after a win. Not only because of the fact there were more losses than wins, but because some winners don't withdraw and continue to wager. Eventually some withdraw, but you can see there is a pattern of more buying than selling going on in the industry. Now with Wagerr focusing on peer to peer, successful bettors will end up accruing coins instead of a "sportsbook" accruing player losses. But this type of successful bettor is likely to hoard their coins also. First of all, they are interested in wagering with larger and larger units. Additionally, they are savvy and they understand that Wagerr has value in terms of it's long term appreciation. So these winning bettors become basically bettor-investors. Now you see that the Wagerr industry becomes buy dominant in a hurry. There will be plenty of sell-withdrawals taking place, but remember in betting there is no end game. After the withdrawal every bettor will redeposit. Wagerr is going to be buy dominant.

Now once it become buy dominant, price is going to increase, and so is market cap.

But wait right there. Value coupling is going to be burning fees constantly and removing them from circulation. Now the blockchain will have annual mining but theres going to be a constant burning of fees which encourages scarcity within the betting pool of coins that would not otherwise exist.

The ICO participants and early investors will watch as the price continues to elevate, along with the coin's market cap, ranking and global profile.

Middle and late adopter investors globally will be drawn to an appreciating asset. The middle and late adoptor investor group is exponentially larger than the early adoptor group. When everyone decides they need to own Wagerr, they will begin buying their Wagerr as an investment tool and their coins come right out of the remaining coins that the bettors were buying from previously. This further shrinks the available coins for the Wagerr bettor leading to more scarcity and higher prices.

Just as with Bitcoin, Wagerr bettors wont care if the price goes up or not because the coin only represents "X" amount of fiat currency to them anyway so they will keep buying regardless of price.

And the fees will keep burning, and the investors will keep coming.

Meanwhile, if Wagerr implements an inclusive affiliate program, making every single Wagerr owner or bettor a potential affiliate by word of mouth, all of these coin holders will begin spreading the word looking to benefit from affiliate profit and increased user participation which also pushes up the value of the coin they are holding passively. For example if each investor or bettor could create a unique bonus/signup code for sharing in word of mouth situations or on social media, new user numbers would explode through free advertising... and who knows and understands the benefits of Wagerr better than those already involved? Traditional webmaster affiliates could also go online to bring in new users from all corners of the globe.

With the right affiliate approach, which Wagerr already acknowledged is in the works, there would be extreme competition for those remaining Wagerr coins in the betting pool further driving up price from an increasing number of global bettors. Not to mention if they too could become affiliates in an inclusive process.

From there the engines of industry and investment will continue to crank up the price of Wagerr.

The more global the betting and the investing becomes and the larger the participation becomes the more outrageous the coin price will become. Especially because on top of the mechanics of Wagerr spelled out here in this article, coin owners tend to frenzy around successful coins, making them price inflated. All coins with hyper demand experience this, but especially successful coins like your top 10 coins / Bitcoin, etc.

The price of Wagerr can become as big as the participation allows or as big as your imagination allows.

Even when investors go to sell, as they did with Bitcoin after exponential gains, the industry of betting is continuing to buy which neutralizes sells and allows the currency to regain price over time.

Wagerr has the same potential that Bitcoin had when no one knew what it was.

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