WAGERR SLOGAN:  Ohh Yes, It's OFFICIALLY Unofficial!


We promised to release our "Wagerr Slogan" as a treat for all the early investors and Wagerr believers once WGR hit first page at CoinMarketCap. So this ought to tell you something. Wagerr is proving us right again and again. We crunch the numbers... we do the math, and we make predictions... WGR does the rest. WGR makes us look so good! No other cryptocurrency right now kicks as much ass in down markets... No other cryptocurrency right now is as determined at holding value. We are stepping out on a limb...

We project Wagerr will arrive on the first page at CoinMarketCap between now and the end of March (as we originally forecasted)!

Kudos to the Wagerr Management & Development teams. They take a lot of criticism... but without them Wagerr is simply an unrealized dream. They make this reality for all of us. The coin owners and investors BELIEVE, and Wagerr is nothing without the trust and belief of the masses.

The next 45 days are crucial. We've stepped out on a limb and released the slogan early... don't let us down. Keep the foot on the gas, and prove us right once again!

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